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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but I have seen kits very similar to this before and I'm not really sure what the deal is - they all seem to have naming conventions similar to WWII German armor - it's interesting because they look like something you would see out of a fturistic Sci Fi series but with WWII Era German camo schemes - are these from a particular T.V. Show or a comic book series, or what...
  2. For what it's worth, I regularly use Tamiya Acrylics and thin them with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner. I get great results with it. You can also thin Tamiya acrylics with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol - it's much cheaper in bulk than Tamiya thinner (though be careful when using Isopropyl with gloss acrylics because it will dull them out a bit). I have never had a need to filter them at all - I just use set my compressor at about 20 or so psi and spray away.
  3. I'd tend to agree - doing voiceover work on shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurama for alot of accomplished actors are signs that 'They've made it'. It's not unlike in the 90's when pop stars were usually flattered when they had made it big time enough to be parodied in a Weird Al Yankovic video - it meant they'd made it to the big time.
  4. There's something not right about this photo - based on the shadows cast by the spare road wheels on the turret and the fenders, it appears as though the source of light is coming from the direction in front of the turret face, BUT, the entire gun appears to be in shadow. Now I know that it could be that the gun barrel was an unpainted replacement, but there is something not right about this photo... I would almost be include to say that this looks like a pencil drawing that was made by tracing an original photo.
  5. I'm not an expert, but it looks like a Chevrolet to me maybe a '43 or '44, perhaps - I know that there there were different classes depending upon the function of the truck, so I would have no idea what the clasification would have been for a line truck
  6. I've had good luck with Mr. Hobby 'Mr. Cement Deluxe'. The only problem is that you need to get a smaller dedicated brush with which to apply it as the built in cap brush is entirely to large to use in small plases.
  7. I use an Iwata HP-C and have found that my best results are when I actually do it two different ways - my first coat of Future is always run through at a 100% Future mix so as to be sure the decals have a glossy surface to which they can adhere. Once the decals have been set, I run back over them with a mix of Future and 91% Isopropl at about a 1 part Isopropl to 4 parts Future. I have relagated myself to mostly armor and thus the small amount of Isopropl gives the Future a slightly dulled appearence without frosting (which can be a problem here in Georgia humidity). I was reluctant to use my
  8. Sorry guys, it's been a busy weeken with the holidays and all and I have pretty much neglected the last image. Anyway, the name of the movie was 'Equilibrium' starring Christan Bale and Emily Watson. Also appearing in the film were William Fichtner and Dominic Purcell (who has also starred together in Fox's hit series Prison Break). This is a great film sort of in the same vein as 1984 in a post apacalyptic / dystopian world where emotion is regulated and punishable in the most extreme ways. The film also features a very unique form of fighting called 'Gun Kata' - a gun based martia
  9. OK, Ladies - a new film today. This one is another one of those films that has a strong 'undergound' following that was not widely released in theaters. A clue? Two actors who appeared in this film have recently starred together in a hit TV series.
  10. OK, guys, the name of the film was 1998's 'Dark City' - a very good, very stylistic film with set design inspired by German Expressionst films like Metropolis. As a matter of fact, several of Dark City's sets were reused in 'The Matrix'. You could consider the films very similar in how they deal with the characters' sense of being and reality... I did throw one incredibly obvious clue in one of my posts about it getting down to the '11th Hour'. If you'll remember, star of this film is Rufus Sewell who currently stars in CBS's remake of the British '11th Hour' series...
  11. OK Everyone, this film willend at 6:00PM EST Tonight - if someone starts guessing, you might get a few more clues out of me
  12. If anyone has seen the new preview of the upcoming Star Trek film, you'll notice that the original Big E has been re-imagined. With that being said, has anyone heard any news on possibilities of new model kits being released for the various ships in this film?
  13. I wish I could James - we are in the midst of wedding planning (the big date is on 12/20) and I have been swamped with things to do - I'm hoping to get by the shop one day this week though - I'm still trying to get my hands on that new Dragon Tiger I Late with Zimmerit!
  14. A great guess, but no can do. This film was made much later - that's a clue....
  15. Come on guys, the 11th hour is quickly approaching - we need some guesses.... If someone comes up with some guesses, I'll extend this film's deadline to Saturday!
  16. Being a child of the 80's, this was always one of my favorites. It was among the first movies to make extensive use of CGI models. This guess is a strike, however. For the guess, though, I'll reveal another clue. Several of this films sets were reused by another hugely successfull film. This film is widely regarded as a stylistic cult classic.
  17. OK, guys - new picture today. Since James got it on the first guess this last time, I wont give out any clues until I get some guesses...
  18. Yo're absolutely right it is Dune - really the only verbal clues was that it's one of those love/hate films. I certainly like the film much more than the recent remake (and its following remakes). This picture is indeed of the throne room with Jose Ferrer as Shaddam IV and Silvana Magano as the Reverend Mother. The visual clues in the photo were of the throne room background, the throne, the gold trim of the Emporor's uniform, and the bald heads of both the emporor and the Reverend Mother. Another film will be posted later this evening or early tomorrow!
  19. OK Guys, new film - not much in the way of clues to begin with other than this is a film that hardcore sci-fi lovers either really hate or that they really love...
  20. OK, guys, the name of the film... "Primer" from 2004. The film is about a group of guys who accidentally invent a small box (in their garage, of all places) that allows them to send an object back into time. Before long, they develope a large enough 'box' to fit a man and the consequences ensue. This is a great independent film that was made on a 7,000 dollar budget. It takes a few time watching to really get it, but it's a great film! Among the verbal clues were 'Thinking Outside the Box' (as the time travel 'Box' was a major component of the film), the low budget, and thinking of t
  21. Frequency is another good film, but a strike... C'mon guys, you have to think 'outside the box' on this one...
  22. You can't keep butterflies in a box, so to speak... Another strike!
  23. This is a great short story and a decent film about time tourists... But unfortunately, that's a strike... Another set of clues, this film was released in the first half of this decade. Think of this film as an 'introduction' to time travel method (that's another clue) OK, the deadline for this film is 7:00PM EST tonight (Friday).
  24. Time for another clue as it's awful quite in here. This movie is a more recent release and focuses on the topic of consequences of paradoxes created by time travel. As a fictional starship engineer once said "I hate temporal mechanics..."
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