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  1. Gil, Given my little experience with model building I usually do not chime in on these build threads. I just want to say that your work here is incredible. Whoever you are building this for will, I am sure, be absolutely thrilled. Stuart
  2. Good afternoon all, I wanted to post updated progress on the F-4E. As you can see I had to fill the spaces at the top of wing/fuselage interface. The space is nicely filled, I’m happy with the profile. Any recommendations for smoothing out the excess just above and outside of the interface on the fuselage and wing? I’m worried it is going to mess up the painted surface. Stuart
  3. I am finishing up my 1/32 scale F-4E and its the first model by Tamiya that I have built that did not come with specific paint masks for the canopy. The two rear sections are fairly straight forward given the even edges but I am still having trouble figuring out how to get precise shapes given the curve of the glass. The front section has a curved frame. Do any of you guys have a method for creating “complex” shaped (or even simple shaped) masks using the canopies provided in the kit? Stuart
  4. I too restarted this hobby about 18 months ago after 30 years lost 😀 My models are far from competition worthy but the forums here have been incredible in answering questions and providing advice. Everyone has been very patient and forthcoming with recommendations. If you can find my F-16 thread in the “Aircraft” forum you’ll see what I mean. I hope I understood your question correctly and strongly recommend you use these forums as you restart building. Stuart
  5. Thanks to everyone for the very kind words. I do love how the F-16 turned out (I put you guys through the wringer on that one) and the detail on the underside of the Mosquito makes it one of my favorites. The P-51 and Phantom though are planes I’ve been in love with since I can remember. When the pilot told me about the target practice that was the first time I had heard of it and I agree it is sad. BTW, I looked through the instructions for the Trumpeter Avenger last night and found out some significant research will be needed to paint the interior parts. I found the conversion chart for the brand/color of paint referenced but yikes! No color chart at all? Stuart
  6. Thanks very much Mark, you’ve been a tremendous help to me (and my models😀). You and all of the other experts who participate in this forum have been gracious and patient with my questions. I was at Oceana and watched a legacy flight with an F-18, P-51 and Phantom, what a wonderful sight. When one of the pilots in our area told us they used Phantoms for target practice my heart sunk 😒 Stuart
  7. So far I have built the Tamiya 1/32 scale of the F-16CJ Fighting Falcon, P-51D Mustang, Spitfire Mk. VIII, F-14A Tomcat, Mosquito FB Mk. VI, F4U-1A Corsair, and am underway on the F-4E Phantom II. Rather than a WWI plane I think the Trumpeter 1/32 TBM-3 Avenger is next, my first steps away from Tamiya. It will be my first painted with only 1 color.
  8. Thanks very much Gil, I had great remote teachers. I continue to be amazed by the models that you and others post on this forum, the results of real masters. My goal is to build a complete model without a stupid mistake 😀 So far so good on the Phantom. The models are all 1/32 scale by Tamiya. I‘ll post back later when I‘m home with more specifics. I‘m missing a WWI plane so that is my next goal. Stuart
  9. Hello all. I wanted to take a moment and show you all of the models you fellas have helped me build since March 2020. I have one space left in this location and that will be filled with my current build underway, the F-4 Phantom. I built the Mustang right before and think it came out really cool. It remains a bit tacky so I think I did not wait long enough between coats of the gloss. I abandoned my goal of building the Phantom and painting/marking as a USAF Thunderbird. The decal set I bought required you to close all of the landing gear locations and other places that are modeled “open”. Then you would have to cut out around each area as required, glue tabs back on, etc. This presented too much of a task for me since I would have had to cut off all of the tabs used to model the gear down. Also, when I bought the model I completely missed the whole clear nose thing (which is actually pretty cool though). Thanks for allowing me to post pictures of my models, the advice here has been instrumental! Stuart
  10. Thanks so much for the response.
  11. I was able to find some videos of building this model. Unfortunately I have not found any including posts, etc. that discuss the need to grind and smooth the areas with protrusions. There was a video of a person unpacking the 1/200 USS Missouri and the hull looked perfectly smooth, unlike this one. Is the need to deal with these areas expected and therefore not discussed? Thanks. Stuart
  12. Now that sounds like a great plan. Have a Thunderbird F-4E and a Blue Angel F-4J. That would be really cool, the two sitting side-by-side, thanks! And, this way I can delay the F-4J purchase until my wife gets over my latest spending spree. Stuart
  13. I do have the Tamiya 1/32 F-4E and was originally planning to build it per the kit. I love that camouflage look. I also did not know that the Navy never flew it. I had a much older cousin that flew for the Navy, he’s probably turning over in his grave right now. Thanks for the responses guys, I’ll start looking for the F-4J. Were you serious about the trade thing? The F-4E is unopened. Stuart
  14. My boys gave me a Blue Angels poster for my birthday and I noticed the Phantom. I purchased a Phantom kit a while back so I changed my mind about how I was going to finish it. I was going to paint this in a Vietnam era scheme but now I want to finish with a Blue Angels scheme so I impulsively bought a decal set at the correct scale. However, it turns out that I bought an F-4E Phantom II kit while the Blue Angels used an F-4J Phantom II according to the poster. I don’t think a google search will help me with my questions. Will the decal set fit nicely on my plane or will there be significant modification required? Does anyone know of a paint set for that “era”? I haven’t had any luck but I hope you guys know where to point me. Finally, is this blasphemy?😀
  15. I am starting to assemble the instrument panel and have to apply the decals to the clear part. Should I treat the clear part as I do a wing surface for example? Decal set and then solvent? I wasn’t sure if this would make the clear part foggy. Thanks!
  16. Oh cool, thanks! I know I was a bit uneven with the application but I thought that might add to realism. On to the P-51!
  17. Actually, the original ended up in the middle. Stuart
  18. It took a while but I finally did it. Original engine at the bottom. Used lamp black artist oil with Mona Lisa thinner. Please provide your thoughts as this is the first time weathering for me.
  19. Thanks very much for posting the link. I’m reading the article now. Looks like a mosquito with the same paint scheme as I picked. Stuart
  20. Thanks Mark. Now I understand the complicated masking for canopies 😀 We had dinner with an artist last night and he showed me a trick for making straight lines with a liner brush. Stuart
  21. Those are really cool looking. I’m going to have to stick to brushes for now. Just so I’m sure, you don’t bother with masking if you’re brushing, only if you’re using an airbrush. I’m always looking, much to my wife’s chagrin, to improve the tools I use.
  22. Good morning, i have read several threads in other forums and watched a video but I would like to hear this forum’s take on this. Painting guides show perfect smooth lines at curves an I have yet to get that right. Stuart
  23. Yes it is! I almost gave up after ruining the engine on the very first plane I tried to build (P-51D). Happily I followed advice given on these forums. Put that one on the shelf, opened the Spitfire and started asking questions. Five models later I’m ready to build the P-51, my favorite. I bought a new engine sprue on EBAY and am starting from scratch. Stuart
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