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  1. I wanted to post progress photos of my build of the Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito. It would be great to read comments on how I can improve. Several photos were posted in the “techniques“ forum where i received very productive comments and i have put an aircraft weathering how-to book and some weathering products on my wishlist for Xmas. There is a specific issue that i wanted to discuss (although there is nothing i can do about it now). The wheel/tire assembly consisted of many pieces in order to mimic the flat spot at ground contact. I took great care in putting all of it together. However, when I mounted the nacelle to the wing/fuselage, i was very disappointed to find out that the flat spot on the tire is not flush with the surface. You have to get down and close to see it but there is definitely a triangle of light that shouldn’t be there. If anyone out there built this model i would love to hear wether you also had any issue with this detail? thanks for looking! Stuart
  2. Thanks for all of the ideas. I have to think about wether it will ultimately support weight. I provided this photo of the unbroken piece. Zoom in and you will see a similar shaped piece on the other side of it. It seems this would have been something to provide lateral stability of the gear which won’t be necessary for a static model. The weight should go through the rod and up into the stout vertical supports. The mud flap system was an independent assembly, at least in the model. This is making me think of my 35 years as a bridge engineer so it would be great to hear alternative opinions.
  3. Thanks so much for responding. The piece is barely .5 mm in diameter. I tried gluing back together but as soon as i tried to attach it just broke again at the weak spot. You are right, it doesn’t support any weight. I ended up putting it in place in two pieces and it seems to be holding, albeit a bit bent. Thanks again! Stuart
  4. Good morning - the first photo shows a broken piece that happened when trying to complete a wheel assembly. The left wheel in the third photo was a success. The piece is so flimsy. Should I punt and just write this off as another mistake? I would love to hear thoughts on how you would proceed with this. Thanks, Stuart
  5. Thanks so much for the kind words and i appreciate the input. I do love building these planes and plan to do so as long as my brain and hands let me. Retirement and Covid have finally provided the impetus to start. This mosquito I’m finding to be the biggest challenge so far. It’s going to take me a while but i plan build the P-51D next. What a beautiful plane that is. I thought about painting stripes in lieu of decals and i think that’s the only way to fix the F-14 decal debacle. One thing that’s hard to see in the photos is that the figures are very shiny. I found a video about painting small scale figures and it seemed there is a product that he literally poured over the figures that he said will fill in crevices as well. Are you aware of anything like this? I’ll find how to do a brown wash and use it on the pilot and navigator. I do plan to learn weathering techniques. Right now I’m saying they are fresh off the assembly line 😀 Thanks again. I would like to keep posting photos and asking questions. Stuart
  6. As you can see I have problems with decals (the stripe on the Spitfire) and reality (the closed canopy on the F-14 with the ladder attached) - is that possible? 😀
  7. These are the other planes i have worked on. The large decals on the F-14 ripped immediately and i need to remove them and finish the flat black markings.
  8. These are photos i took yesterday. Please comment on everything 😀 I don’t use an airbrush and struggle with getting a good finish. Thanks so much for your help.
  9. I would like to post photos and get feedback. the model is the 1/32 scale Mosquito by Tamiya. I've got the cockpit and engines built. should i post them here? I'm a little nervous about doing it since there will be many mis-steps but i really want to get thoughts on how/where to improve.
  10. Lots of legos (3 boys) and empty delivery boxes 😀. Thanks very much for the suggestions. Stuart
  11. Okay - the model allows you to display the engines so I'll assemble and paint after. thanks!
  12. Thanks very much for the response. sorry for not being specific enough. i understand the sub-assembly (the engine in this case) should be painted prior to attaching. my question is this. the engines on this model consist of many pieces (some quite small with tiny joins), all painted semi-gloss black. so do you assemble all of the many pieces of the engine and then paint them? or do you paint the pieces before cutting from the sprue? Stuart
  13. Good morning, Working on an airplane model and there are several steps where all of the individual pieces are painted the same color (for example the two engines that have to be assembled). Perhaps a simple question for you: should i paint after assembly of that step or on the sprue. i ask because some of the tiny connections cannot be easily masked (by me). I would love to hear thoughts on this. thanks, Stuart
  14. thanks for the info. to the basement closet i go, fingers crossed. Stuart
  15. thanks so much for the response. sanding it is. regarding the decals, these planes are so large and i do not yet have something practical to support them upside down. gotta convince the wife . . . i also have problems getting to lower parts of the fuselage, especially under the wings. i could put them on when the plane is turned over but my brain gets all befuddled.😀 i do love building these planes, i'm so glad for the one benefit of the pandemic. thanks again, Stuart
  16. Hello, I need to get an interpretation of the attached. I wanted to show you where i am in the build and a close up of my question. Am i supposed to cut a hole to the shape of the shaded area? Typically they provide a bit size to make holes. If so some advice on doing that would be greatly appreciated. This is my fourth 1/32 scale model and by far the most complicated given my experience. One more question. Do you ever put on decals before the model is completed? I am especially wondering about the stuff that goes on the bottom of the wings/fuselage for this model. Stuart
  17. Thanks to both for the replies. This model has been quite a challenge and I want to do it justice as best I can. It quite often has challenged my patience but its a wonderful model. Stuart
  18. Wonderful - i was afraid there would be more trouble. Thanks so much! Stuart
  19. Hello group. I am building the 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire. I cut out and attached all of the masking before painting the frames on the clear canopy parts. Of course, being a newbie I guess I was not perfect and paint leaked under the masking and onto the “glass”. Can someone help with the best way to remove the unwanted paint without damaging the canopy? Stuart
  20. I wanted to thank everyone for their great advice. It seems there are many methods to try here and I am excited to put them to use. This is the second 1/32 scale aircraft that I have tried and after reading through all of the instructions i see many pieces to detail paint. I want to get this one right, I am embarrassed to say that I may have ruined the engine for the Tamiya 1/32 Mustang, got frustrated and put it away. I certainly picked the wrong models to restart my hobby but they were on sale on Tamiya’s website 😀
  21. Thanks very much. I was not aware of the dry brushing technique, I’ll give that a go for sure and work from there. Appreciate the prompt reply, I’m working on it now. I’ll check about a chapter.
  22. Rookie and old person trying to build this beautiful model and made the mistake of thinking larger scale models means larger pieces - big whoops there! In the very first step the instructions are telling you to paint the radio black and all of the knobs/dials red. The knobs/dials are barely visible to the naked eye and I quickly realized the need to magnify. Even so, when I simply touch one of them with the tiniest brush I own the color spreads out and it is ruined. Any advice on how to paint these tiny pieces would be most welcome. If this post belongs in a different forum please let me know. Thanks, Stuart
  23. Thanks so much for the two responses. Great advice. I need to find a location in the house to work before I invest in airbrush equipment. Right now I am in my basement and proper ventilation is non-existent. All my spray painting will be done into a cardboard box in my open garage for now. I like the idea of attaching to cardboard. Are you allowed to give me a link to premium brushes? Mine are horrible. I’m excited about getting going on assembling the mustang but worried about ruining an expensive model that should not have been bought yet. Stuart
  24. I introduced myself in the appropriate forum admitting that I am a “newbie” since it has been many years since I attempted to build a plastic model. Also, I overstretched myself by starting with the Tamiya 1/32 P-51D. As suggested by a responder to my “introduction” I read all of the instructions and highlighted areas where I am confused and there are many unfortunately. I hope to figure most of them out as I work through the model but I have to ask the following. 1. ”When no color is specified, paint the item with fuselage color.” There are variations for painting the fuselage, correct? Can someone please help me out and let me know which color should be used for the unspecified items. There is one in the very first step of the engine assembly. The main fuselage color according to the paint schemes appears to be Tamiya AS-12. Is this the color I should use? 2. To that end, is there a “non-spray” equivalent to AS-12? If the answer to the first question is yes it does not seem practical to paint such small pieces with spray paint. I do hope this is the correct forum for these questions. If not please let me know and I will cut-and-paste these into a new topic in the correct forum. Thanks in advance for your patience in answering such basic questions. Stuart Montgomery
  25. Hello again, Similar to modeling I'm also new to forums and can't seem to figure out how to reply to individual responses to my post. After three months of surgeries and emergency room visits I finally have use of both arms and want to start on one of the models. Thanks very much to everyone for the advice. I will start with one of the planes, probably the Mustang, and will endeavor to go by the steps suggested by one of the responders. The ship does look a bit overwhelming for now so that will come later after, hopefully, gaining good experience with the planes. During my months out-of-sorts I have been trying to prepare for this and did lots of reading about aftermarket extras and unfortunately don't feel ready for that. I'm nervous enough about the photo-etched parts that came with the plane models. I will make good use of the expertise available on the appropriate forum. P-51D here we come, a plane I have loved since I can remember. Stuart
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