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  1. UPDATE: Was informed that the radar tower behind the island is in the wrong position. After some quick research, I have confirmed that Trumpeter has the radar tower in the wrong spot. The tower should be located at the very edge of the flight deck. This is for all Nimitz class carriers. The Nimitz 1975 cruise book clearly shows the tower at the edge. I have relocated the tower. BEFORE: AFTER:
  2. The radar tower is done, The raft canisters, whip antenna's and starboard forward tower (scratch built) are done. Just need to add the whip antenna's and raft canisters to the port side and the anchors. This will basically complete the ship (screws will be put on after the ship is mounted to the display base). All that is left is 56 aircraft, deck tractors, Tilly crane, and the display case.
  3. Completed all the rigging on the island. I used EZ Line thin. It works great! Also start the radar tower. This is all photoetch (from White Ensign) Just need to build the antenna and then mount it to the deck.
  4. Yes, they need to be adjusted to straighten them out. Will be done during the rigging.
  5. Island work continuing. The main mast is just about done. Need to tweek some of it to get everything lined up and some paint touch up. Next do all the rigging and build the radar tower that stands behind the island. On to the pictures:
  6. I have had a few folks inquire on how I did the flight deck weathering. So here is how I did it. I used black, gray, and brown pastel chalk. I first took the brown and using a balled up paper towel I rubbed the chalk on the jet blast deflectors and the area between the catapults and JBD's. I then used same method and did the area's outside the brown areas and down each side of the catapults. I then used the same method but went over the center of the JBD's and catapults with black. The then made blotches and stains around the entire flight deck. I made a large area around landing wire #3 (This is the wire that the pilots aim for as the perfect landing wire to catch). On this large area I then used eye makeup foam pads and made streaks with black and gray to represent where the aircraft touched down. Mostly near the center of the runway and extending from wire 1 to wire 4 in a diamond pattern centered on wire 3. Finally taking a makeup blush brush I brushed the surface of the flight deck from bow to stern to blend the colors and remove any excess chalk powder. It then gets a dusted spray of matte clear coat 3 times allowing each coat to dry. The a final coat to seal it all. The dusted coats are required because if you spray a seal coat, it will pick up some chalk and give it weird streaks.
  7. Kind of a slow modeling week as other things had to get taken care of. Was able to get the hose reels built, landing cables, and flight deck weathering done. Now working on the island details now.
  8. The secret is I did not paint them. I have a set of Prismcolor Premier colored pencils that I use for detailing models. I took the white one and colored the padeye's then ran a pink eraser over the deck which made the circle edges come out even. Took about 2 hours to do the deck and elevators.
  9. More work on the flight deck. Yes I colored the padeyes. They came out very good. Took me a while to figure out how to do them. Also put on the few decals that I needed and started to do the elevators. Next comes the hose reels and weathering of the flight deck. On to the pictures!
  10. Painting all weekend. All the catwalks and safety nets painted. In process of painting all the flight deck details. (no decals used yet, all you see is painted) I must really compliment Tamiya. Their 6mm masking tape is awesome. It allows you to mask off even the smallest areas and gives you a clean edge when removing. Completed the starboard side, now working on the port side of the flight deck. I still have some detailing to do for the arresting cables. Now onto the pictures.
  11. The overall color is Light Sea Gray FS36307 and the flight deck is Gunship Gray FS36118. It will be darker once I do the weathering and such closer to FS36076.
  12. Finished all the catwalks, safety nets, and CIWS's around the ship. Starting to tape the edges and flight deck so I can paint them. Will be detailing the elevators then on to detailing the island. Still on schedule to complete this project by the end of December. Here is a walk around of the catwalks, safety nets, and CWIS.
  13. Spent some time last night and this morning adding more catwalks. Slow but steady process getting things lined up. Looks like I should be able to start the island detailing next weekend. Still have bow and elevators to do. Here are some pictures of the starboard side.
  14. I will be using an airbrush (just tape off the surface of the flight deck) and also hand paint. Certain areas that will be hand painted are the CIWS and the landing light array (Fresnel lights). Most other areas can be masked off and painted with an airbrush.
  15. Back to detailing the ship. Working on the catwalks, CIWS, and safety nets. I really like the Veteran Models CIWS parts. They are very detailed and easy to assemble. The photoetch catwalks and safety nets are nice looking. Here are some pictures of the details. Still need paint and add other details to catwalks (hoses and reels, storage boxes, etc.)
  16. Ed, thanks for the compliments. Which chapter are you in? I am actually part of the McKinstry chapter. We have our meeting tonight in Arlington Heights. I am in Schaumburg.
  17. Last post I said I could see light at the end of the tunnel. Well tonight I wired everything up and did a light check before gluing down the flight deck. Right at 245 hours so far into this build.What you see lit up is 40 LED's and 500' of fiber optic lines. Here is the light check pictures:
  18. It appears the host I used at the beginning of this thread has a time limit on linking pictures. I have since changed to Flickr. If you want to see all the build pictures I created an album on Flickr. The album is at https://www.flickr.com/photos/128642409@N05/albums/72157687002588814 All recent photo's go to Flickr so they won't disappear.
  19. I spent a few hours working on some figures and decided not to add the crew. I made a few of the PE figures thicker with the gel and painted them but they still did not look good. I looked online and they do have 3-D printed ones which look great but with the number of figures I would need and the time delay it would add to my build would not work out for me.
  20. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The E-2C's from VAW-114 are done. This completes all the aircraft for the hangar bays. Now I can start running the wires for the LED's and assembling the ship. Once I get the main sections together I can start detailing the outside of the ship. Then back to building 62 more aircraft. Anyhow, here are the pictures of the E-2C's. (It helps that I built 1/48 scale models of all the aircraft)
  21. Thanks! I have not decided to populate it with a crew yet. I do have one flight deck personnel set and one regular sailors set. Once I finish the E-2C's I will test them and see how they look. I am hoping to finish the E-2C's tonight or tomorrow. They are mostly built just need painting and decals.
  22. Had a nice quiet Friday off of work so I spent the day doing the A-6E's from VA-52 for hangar bay 1. The tail and lance decals came out great. All that is left to do is two E-2C's then I can start assembling and detailing the ship.
  23. The two EA-6B's from VAQ-134 for hangar bay 1 are done. Next are the A-6E's from VA-52 then on to the E-2C's. The decals for these are from Star Fighter. I just added the "NL" and the ship/CVW decals. I really wish Trumpeter would make all their planes the same way. These had the canopy molded into the plane. Makes it difficult to decal and seal.
  24. The two S-3A's from VS-29 for hangar bay 1 are now complete. Next up us the two EA-6B's.Then I just have the A-6E's and E-2C's to complete.
  25. Here are the rest of the pictures of the SH-3H helicopters and the start of the S-3A showing the PE details.
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