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  1. Thanks Rusty. The house was a bigger loss than making masks. It was too old to insure, a 1972 mobile home that was my wife's grandparents' place. We have temporary housing but we have to kennel three of our German Shepherds at a friends house. At least my son and I have our service dogs with us. And I don't know how many times I've gone to get something only to realize it's packed away in a shipping container.
  2. Hello friends. Just a quick note that Gator's Masks and More is now Gator's Model Studio. I had to get out of the masks business after we lost our house in Hurricane Laura but Gator's Grip Hobby Glue is still available. I also have another couple of products coming on line soon. My new web address is - https://gatorloup.wixsite.com/gators-model-studio Thanks for your continued support! Kenny
  3. Friends, thank you for your support during the trying times. I'm trying to carve out an area to make and bottle the glue along with fill orders and maybe build a model or two where we are staying until we can get a new home on our property. We have just got cable and internet at our temporary home. Officials expect clean up and recovery to take a year after getting hit by two hurricanes in a month. We try to celebrate the little accomplishments and progress to keep our spirits up. It is a daily battle, not only because of what we see and experience, but also when you see your child struggle with the change to his environment. Please be patient. Thank you and I apologize for the confusion.
  4. Zap Formula 560 for me also. I also use it for photo-etch.
  5. The name "Louisiana" was chosen because Louisiana was the 18th state of the Union.
  6. Hey guys. I know I don't post here often but here is my latest completed build, the ballistic missile sub USS Louisiana. I was cleaning up the studio the other day and saw her sitting there, painted and ready for her base so I decided to finish her up. The water is air dry clay and the dolphins were carved from styrene rod. Enjoy. There were/are 52 ships named after places in Louisiana. I am planning to build as many as I can in 1/700.
  7. As with you other ship builds, beautiful work. Really top notch.
  8. I need to get the kit if I want to continue on with the developing of the camo masks. I got the measurements for the curvature of the hull, now I need to make a template of that bulge.
  9. Very nice work, as expected.
  10. This is the one I have. http://www.radubstore.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=77_110&products_id=329&zenid=c407b7134b550808d5a682b2b9818a1c
  11. Looking good Chris. Remember to keep the weathering light. The Royal Navy was very particular about the condition of their ships. Also, they spent a lot of time in and out of Rosyth and Scapa Flow giving the crew plenty of time to perform routine maintenance.
  12. Here are the kits that were calling my name at our model contest last Saturday.
  13. The only reason I was able to work on it today was that it was way too cold to work on the house. :D
  14. Last update for the day. Work done on the deck and hull. I'm building her as she was at Jutland so I've swung out the small caliber guns to repel destroyer attack.
  15. Well, since Chris is such a whipcracker and has nothing better to do but build models, I've started my HMS Warspite today. Working on the superstructure. Trumpeter's photoetch has some slight fit issues. the bottom pe for the walls was so difficult to align I used it as a template to drill out the portholes and then ditched it. The other two pieces wrapped around a little better. but the fit was tight between the two decks.
  16. I've been collecting aftermarket items for the Warspite. The turned barrels and Artwox deck is in. I have a 4 day weekend coming up and will likely spend two days on her. The other two have to be devoted to installing baseboards at the new place.
  17. I got to work on the Red October today. With the exception another coat of Future to blend the decals and cover a couple of touch ups, I'm call this one done.
  18. 4ft'er? 4FT'ER?! That beast was six feet long and had already tied his bib around his neck, and was picking up the salt and pepper shakers! But through fast thinking and quick action I secured my safety. I turned and ran away squawking like a duck. I hear gators don't like duck meat. Weinie.
  19. You're in South Louisiana sir. Down here we say "chicks dig 'em".
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