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  1. Trying to simulate the rough cuts in the armor plate, kit details are a bit soft in this area.
  2. Some (but not too much), mud has been added under sponsons, uing a mix of Acryl Blue and sand.
  3. Surfing the web last night, I stumbled upon this picture. The frontal armor behid the gun mantlet was extraordinarily thick on the Jagdtiger, one of the reasons it was so difficult to deal with head-on.
  4. Yes, it helps a great deal. Thanks a bunch,
  5. I'd say Taffy 3. I like multi ship displays.
  6. As far as I can discern, there are at least four 1:350 Tirpitz kits currently available; Tamiya, Academy, Trumpeter, and Revell AG. Aside from the Trumpeter kit, which I believe is new, all all the others just re-pops of the Tamiya kit?
  7. This is the scheme that I've (tentatively), chosen. Scanned from a Russian publication that I can't pronounce, and based upon a very well known photograph.
  8. OK, tonight I finished off the right side, now I'm ready for mud under the sponsons, then paint. I've added a couple of road wheels on either side, raising the vehicle, to get a better sense of poportions.
  9. Hey Bob, I don't see a link to the 2013 show, but CRM says it's here somewhere.
  10. Very cool indeed. I've long wanted to do a large scale pre war US Battleship with the cage masts. Too many "want to do's", so little time for it all.
  11. Thanks Gil. I attended the nationals as well in 1991, and joined the Gateway club shortly thereafter. I had already known several local area members prior to that.
  12. No. Actually that shirt was one of a couple dozen just like it given to me by a friend. They're all XL, and too big for me, so I just use them as paint rags in my hobby cave.
  13. I've been after this book for quite a while, but just can't justify the price. Had a chance to grab a copy on ebay for $30, but forgot to bid by the deadline! Oh well,... one day.
  14. I've long been a huge fan of the super heavy WWII German Jagdtiger tank destroyer. At roughly eighty tons (sources seem to vary regarding actual weight), the Jagdtiger was four times heavier than the M-24 Chaffee, and outgunned virtually everything that it ever encountered. Delighted that I recently discovered the 1:35 Tamiya kit (newer version), residing in my dungeon, I decided it was time to crank it out. Being slammed together almost entirely OOB, it’s gone rather rapidly so far. Model is shown on a base originally built (still not finished), for my DML JS-2, and model should be finished for our September/autumn invitational, if not before, though I'll be using a different base. This image is currently doing doubly duty as my avatar, until a suitable replacement is found.
  15. Nice link, thanks. This may come in handy when I do my Tamiya D.520
  16. I may have a set. I'll check and get back.
  17. Yep, the old child's toy with some interesting dilatant physical properties.
  18. Very nice. I have both the 1:48 Hobby Boss and Grand Phoenix Fury kits to get to, one of these days.
  19. I'm sort of a large scale (1:32) nut, so I'd like to see the following eventually produced: Mirage 2000 Saab Viggen F-102A F-101B Westland Whirlwind (plane, not the helicopter) New or re-tooled Hawker Typhoon (WNW seems to be taking good care of all my WWI desires.)
  20. You're right, it was 2000. It only seems like a few years ago anyway. Time is just flying by. Incidentally, I did a search before asking my question, but nothing came up. I did not eplore all the catagories though, doing that right now. My first national was right here in 1991, I joined the Gateway chapter right after that.
  21. I really like armored trains, and would love to do one in 1:35 someday, but the prices kill me.
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