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  1. I'll be there, not bringing any models, however I am hoping to bring home some gems to build. -Steven
  2. Good Day Folks, It's the Eddie Rickenbacker Chapter of the IPMS Aladdin Shrine Center - 3850 Stelzer Road Columbus Ohio February, 15 2014 Blizzardcon 2014 Website If your in the area, and attending, shoot me a PM if you want to meet up -Steven
  3. Good Day Folks! I am wanting to build a USCG Patrol Boat, the only kit I found is the Lindberg one below. I have had such bad luck with Lindberg models. Has anyone built this kit? Is there another version of this model? http://www.amazon.com/Lindberg-Models-Coast-Guard-Patrol/dp/B000XQ2KEA/ref=sr_1_1?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1361377682&sr=1-1&keywords=coast+guard Thanks in advance, -Steven
  4. I will be there, although I am not in any contest. I plan on taking lots of pictures and video -Steven
  5. Great information, thanks for sharing. I also found this guy, do a search on YouTube for a channel called TerrainScapes - he did an incredible video, where he compares several different products and techniques for water effects. It's one of his older videos, but I think they are well produced. -Steven
  6. I just picked up the 1950 3100 pickup, the engine appears to be nicely detailed for a strait 6 (I think thats what it is) Also I seen a1955 Cameo Pick-up, not sure what the motor is like on that kit, but both kits are under $20 at my LHS. -Steven
  7. Nothing wrong with constructive criticism. :) Thank you for the tip. But unfortunately this dio is no more. I would like to say thanks for pointing this out, I never would of thought of that. The information, will be of great help, for my future dioramas. Just hope one day, my talents are has good as the OP.
  8. Very Cool! I like the look of that wrecker, great job on the build. I will have to keep an eye out for that kit, I want to build a wrecker in the near future. -Steven
  9. Good Day Folks! Here is a Diorama I will be working on, for the fall/winter season. One of many I hope ;D - It's in the beginning stages, and I still need to finish the model itself. If you recall, this was my very first armor build. I am also posting videos of the project on YouTube, if interested, my channel is WigWagWorkshop. U.S. Half Track M21 Diorama Staging Top Coat Added -Steven
  10. Good Day Folks! I scored a great deal on this kit, and was getting "stressed" on the Bell Helicopter build, so I decided to have a crack at a semi build. As you may know, I like to build all types of kits, after all, I am a styrene addict. I still have a few finishing touches, and details I want to add. This was built OOB, but I do plan on scratch building a trailer, and extra details. Added some rust and grime Not sure I like the decal, I may remove it -Steven
  11. Awesome, that's what I did, and it worked! For the most part, they are gone, but with decals, and weathering and washes, I am hoping it comes out. Either way, having a blast with my first aircraft build. -Steven
  12. That's what happened, I am experimanting with some weathering technequies :D I will be honest, it all happened by mistake, when I was trying eliminate brush strokes.
  13. Good Day Folks! Made a little more progress, I still don't have my airbrush setup yet, so I had to brush the paint on. I am hoping I will be able to buff out the brush marks, and the weathering will cover up the imperfections. I lost a couple of the small detail pieces, so I will have to make them. Saying that, why is it I can find those little sprue nubs on the floor, but not the little detail pieces. :-) -Steven
  14. Good Day Folks! Just a minor update, I plan on working on the wings tonight, and get the seams sorted out. -Steven
  15. Good Day Folks! I assembled the cockpit, however, not without a few flaws. Has with my first Armour build, this thus far, has been a blast, and fun learning experience, both with the build, and the research about the aircraft. -Steven
  16. Good Day Folks! Starting another new adventure in model building, this is my first airplane build. It's a Tamiya's Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero Fighter, any tips would be greatly appreciated. -Steven
  17. Good Day Folks! I went to the local thrift store, and found this compressor for $5 USD. I am looking for information on it, I see a little hole on the top, is this to add oil? or is this compressor oil less? Did I get a good deal? As always, thanks in advance for advice, -Steven
  18. WOW! That sure is an incrediable diorama, really enjoy all the little details. -Steven
  19. Pure Awesome! The little details are a nice touch -Steven
  20. Great job on the dio! Thanks for sharing. -Steven
  21. Good Day Folks! Thanks for the warm welcome, I will defiantaly check out the club. - Ron I am sending you a PM. -Steven
  22. Good Day Folks! Thought I would stop by and say HI, to all the folks here. About Me:I was Born and Raised in SE Wisconsin, and moved to Central Ohio in 2001. I have twin boys, and a lovely and understanding lady. I am lucky to have 2 different areas for modeling, 1 is in the my home office where I do most of projects, the other is in the basement were I do all my painting and other "messy" projects. Interests:Model Railroading, Railfaning, Rusty and Weathered Models "Junkers", Diorama's, Scratch Building, Scroll Saw Woodworking, Video Editing in Final Cut Pro X, Shortwave Radio, Amateur Radio Operator, Radio Scanners and Geocaching. I look forward to being an active, and participating member of this community. -Steven
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