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  1. @LenPilhofer I guess my question might be more one of what the rate should be specifically for HI & HIE? I'm seeing the same rates even when I don't use your link or code? Thanks for the clarification!
  2. Just FYI, it seems as if the 3 overflow hotel links on your website don't work for making reservations either (as of 1030am CST on 9/7).
  3. Thanks to all of the Modelers, Vendors, Sponsors, Speakers, Guests, and IPMS Eagle Squadron Members who helped make RDUCON 2014 a success! Our show was held on Saturday (May 3rd), and we had a great turnout. We're hearing lots of positive feedback from everyone who attended, which makes all of the effort that went into planning our show worthwhile! The results have been posted, with 1st place pictures, at http://ipmseaglesquadron.org/rducon2014/results/
  4. A final bump for RDUCON 2014 - This Saturday! We've got a great contest planned for you guys. We've now scheduled a talk by a C-130 Maintenance NCOIC and a talk by an aviation artist during judging. Entry and model forms are available on the RDUCON website for speedy registration. http://ipmseaglesquadron.org/rducon2014 We've got great vendors lined up, and there is an on-site coffee place open in the AM, and a food joint open at lunchtime. It will be worth the trip, and we hope to see lots of you there!
  5. Don't know when they are mailing, likely closer to the event, but I've been registered for months and haven't gotten my packet yet, so I'm sure you're not missing anything.
  6. A quick update - RDUCON 2014 is less than a month away! The website has been updated with entry forms, links to our sponsors and vendors, and more! We hope to see you in Raleigh on May 3rd!
  7. RDUCON 2014 - The Working Man's Show - Raleigh, NC - Saturday, May 3, 2014 Presented by IPMS Eagle Squadron Celebrate the Working Man! - Show some pride in a job well done and honor those doing a hard day’s work behind the scenes! Saturday, May 3, 2014, 8AM to 5PM Wake Tech Community College 9101 Fayetteville Road Raleigh, North Carolina 27603 Contest Entries: $15 for 10 models, $1 each additional, $5 off for IPMS members. Admission: $10 Family, $5 Adult. For more info: email: rducon2014@gmail.com Contest Website: RDUCON 2014 Flyer with fulll details: RDUCON 2014 Flyer
  8. I had a great time as well, excellent job and thanks to the host club and IPMS leaders!
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