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  1. site does look good, but I hate the new format of the Upcoming events..the map is cool,but I really liked having that list to scroll through as well..it gave all you needed to know in one list...when and where..contact ,website etc..now its just confusing.
  2. I wasnt quite sure on this one..Im not selling anything..just offering a free service.
  3. Hey folks...just wanted to promote our new site if I may..being a modeler who does alot of commission work myself, Ive decided to create a site to help promote modelers like myself...thats currently free advertising. Hopefully some will find it useful , and perhaps bring you more work..in the meantime, I'll be working my butt off trying to bring in potential clients..also to note, this wont be limited to just model builders..this will be for sculptors..master makers..prototypers..etc Currently its in its birthing stage..so right now its just me on there! and I need some company http://www.promodelbuilders.net/
  4. not very deep, as you can see in the photos its just at the surface. I dont char the edges like some do..I try to use less power with more passes to cut vs high power for quicker time. if your staining these though, its not really necessary to sand the edges, since staining blends that in anyway.
  5. hey Andy, thanks man. As soon as I get hold of one of those kits I could do it. Not sure when that will be.
  6. thanks Mark, I appreciate that..we're planning on other kits soon as well.
  7. We've just started a new line of accessories from TSP. We started with Monograms Ford Woody street rod kit. The parts are laser cut and engraved replacement parts for the 'wood' of the kit. hope you like em, and thanks for looking. http://www.tshobbies.com/Laser-Wood-parts_c279.htm Next in line is the bed liner for Lindbergs 34 Ford pickup. We offer these in bamboo or basswood (see comparison photo). 1 set includes the liner of your choice, and 5 channel strips,which,once chromed (Bare Metal Foil) it will look super..no more masking! and dont forget the stake bed
  8. lol, thanks Dick, I appreciate the help...the kits on its way...I sent the left side of the plane to Dick, and the right side to Matt, now all you have to do is figure out what scheme to do it in. :m1helmet:
  9. Sorry if this isnt the right group to post this. I was running a contest on our shops Facebook page for TS Hobbies, and Matthew Cottrell was the winner...however..he has yet to respond! I saw he posted a review for IPMS ,so hopefully he will see this..or if someone knows him, can you pass the word along to him please? Facebook wouldnt let me contact him through there, so this was my last resort.
  10. We had a great time time as well..thanks to all the volunteers , and thanks to those guys that helped with the vendor unloads last week. that was a real blessing. I sure wish we couldve stayed for the awards..we had to leave Saturday,so my wife and I had to pull our entries early ;(
  11. One sour note about my trip...my wife lost the pin they gave us in the packet!!! I was quite ill about that, but it happens..does anyone know if Id be able to buy a replacement?
  12. we'll be at that one too, though I'll have to miss next years..too far for me
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