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  1. It was a fun build even if it is clean...lol
  2. This is a commissioned piece I'm building for a friend .. This is the Dragon Early G with Zimmerit kit.. He wants it clean and not beat up so no scratches or bent fenders ...no mud !! No dirt!! The horror ! But he's paying so... I did give some heavy washes to the running gear and also painted the wear on the inner wheels seen on al panthers (There's a limit to no weathering..lol) I'm building this as a Panther from the 12 SS in Normandy ...It had a very original camo... I'm not sure if the real thing was done with paint brushes or airbrush but I think I pulled it off pretty well.. Decals went on well but thank God for Solvaset!!! Yes I did scratch up the tools a bit ..! It is still on the gloss coat but that's where I'm at for now.. I'll post the finished pictures soon Rick
  3. Well it`s saturday nite and we just got back from Epcot .Everything is winding down ..I want to thank everyone here in Florida for making our stay a memorable one ..The tours were great , the kits were awesome ,and the vendors rooms cost me lots of my good hard earned cash...What more could I ask for . Congrats on a convention ! Now I just got to get all this stuff in my suitcase, and get on the plane tomorrow afternoon ...Thanks for everything ! Rick
  4. Leaving Quebec city at 6:30 am ..Hope the pilot gets a good nights sleep!! :blu-plane:
  5. Okay thanks Gil ..I'll post a few pictures soon . Rick
  6. Thanks for the welcome Clarence...Where do people usually post their work inthese forums ..? Rick
  7. Hi Guys.. I just signed up for both the site and IPMS USA, so I'm new to all this . I've been modelling since I was 12yrs old and never really got away from it..My main interest is WWII armor but I have dabbled a bit into aircraft and Si-Fi but armor is my thing . I hope to contribute and learn from all of you .This should be interesting !.I've got my airplane ticket and all my reservations for the Nationals in Fld in August . Hope to see some of you there! Rick
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