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  1. EFGrune Thank you for the info about the ladder on the funnel, Looks like I will be adding ladders to funnel now! Thanks for info!!!!!!!!!
  2. Stikpusher I have the book called "The Rivet Counter 1" which features Don Preul, the master builder of the USS Arizona 1/96 scale model on display at Pearl Harbor. It does show any ladders on the front of funnel??
  3. Stikpusher Thanks for the advise and pic. Never thought of checking her sister ship the Pennsylvania! I will be adding ladders to funnel soon!!! thanks again Eugene
  4. I have purchased a 3D printed funnel for the 1/350 USS Arizona to replace the hobby boss kit funnel, just ready to add photo etch railing etc. I was wondering how sailors would get to very top of funnel??? Seen no blueprints that show ladder(s) in this area, but I have seen ladder(s) on the front of the funnel on 1/200 scale models of the USS Arizona! Does anyone have actual pictures that show the ladder(s) on the front of funnel, in it late 1941 reconfiguration? or is this how model builders think it should have been????
  5. Where horizontal and vertical surfaces painted blue gray also were captain's gig boats paint blue grey with white tops? Working on Hobby boss 1/350. Any help appreciated ( first post)
  6. I build mostly build wwii kits. Currently building the 1/350 scale hobby boss USS Arizona on dec 4 1941.
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