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  1. I've been slowly returning to the hobby since I retired 4 years ago. The first year into it, I was just contemplating a built when the whole city had to evacuate south to get away from the wildfire. After returning a month later, it just took awhile to think about building again. Though I haven't build anything in decades, I have acquired a rather large stash. At last, about one year ago, I started an Airfix 1/72 Hawker Hurricane fabric-wing. My plan is to do it up as # 313 of the RCAF, just before WW2. My main interest is aircraft, WW2, in 1/72, with a bit of armour thrown in. I build at a rather glacial pace, which is why I'm still working on the Hurc. I am trying new thing, for me, with it so that accounts for some of my slowness. Chris
  2. Hi! My name is Chris and I've just joined up. Chris
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