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  1. Tucker and Mike Thanks for your reply. I contacted the Garage a while back and they do not have it in my scale. Hopefully someone will eventually do one.
  2. Does anybody make a pe detail set for the AMT 1/16 1955 Nomad?
  3. This is s tough one. Too many excellent models out there. Revell of Germany is doing a fantastic job with their new releases like the 1/32 Arado or the 1/72 B-17. Dragon has some really fantastic armor and naval kits out, unfortunately their instructions need some fine tuning. For WW1 aircraft Wingnut Wings is the leader hands down. Their kits are a work of art with a fantastic building manual with tons of reference pictures.
  4. Both models came out looking fantastic. I love the lines of these old planes. I picked up an old Revell 1/72 scale Peashooter at a show factory sealed for $3. The cockpit details are non exhistent but the outside looks good. I believe the kit is from the early 60's. Again, great job on both!
  5. I suggest you give my sophisticated high tech method a try. I use an old 4x4 ceramic tile as a cutting board and a piece of masking tape with the sticky side up to grab on the pe fret. I use a curved xacto blade to cut the part clean off. Works like a charm every time, parts don't fly off cause the tape keeps it from going awol. Remove the small part with tweezers that had the tips dunked in plastic dip. This stuff goes on liquid but dries creating a very thin plastic coating giving it better grabbing power.
  6. I think this is the more prudent way. Have fun with it and the next one will come out even better. Eduard also makes a Hetzer with a complete interior, including the engine. I purchased mine at my LHS for under $40. It even brings the crew figures and tons of PE details.
  7. That would be him. I retired back in 06 and he was still there. I'll try to get a hold of Footie.
  8. Was the Officer from Miami Dade Police? If so he must be Alan Foote from Sex Crimes Bureau. I worked with him for several years and did not know he built models.
  9. I think Trumpeter is greedy with their prices. You know the stuff made in China costs peanuts to make, then they turn around and charge ridiculous super expensive prices for models that you still have to spend time and money to either correct or add missing details to. As for Wingnuts Wings, I was blown away at the level of detail and information packed into their product. I saw their Se5 kit at a local model show for $40 and snapped it! Even at the regular retail price of $59, it's worth every penny.
  10. Sounds like your pressure switch is bad. I have a CH 10 gallon compressor and the switch went out after 12 years. I purchased a new switch for $30 and its good as new. Great little compressor. As far as the AB is concerned, stick to Badger. I got mine in 1980 and is still doing duoble duty.
  11. Never thought about that. It sounds like a great idea to make a spare set just in case they rip or crack.
  12. Bob Will do. I started on the DR1 which has the cockpit started by its previous owner who did a good job, so I'm trying to do as much as I can with the assembled parts. The Camel is mint and unbuilt. :D
  13. Excellent work. Looks very good. I built one with the same markings, and now I'm working on a second one.
  14. Thanks Gil. The decals are in mint condition. I figured them to be from the 80's since the Dr.1 and Camel kits are from 1981. I ordered some pe sets from Tom's Modelworks to bring them up to date. The IPMS decals will add a special twist.
  15. Great job done Gil. This is my favorite Japanese WWII plane. I was lucky enough to pick up three 1/48 Hasegawa Georges for $15 at one of the IPMS shows. I'm done with one, almost completed a second. I also have the old 1/24 Bandai George that I plan to do some very extensive scrachtbuilding to the engine and cockpit. I recently picked it up on Ebay for $28, mint and factory sealed from 1973!
  16. When I'm done using it, I lightly touch a piece of paper towel with the metal piece, this causes the glue to be wicked out by the paper towel. I then give it a couple of blows and load it up with lacquer thinner to wash out the interior. No problems using this method so far.
  17. Spad XIII flown by Georges Guynemer also made by Revell in 1/28. I think they also made a Fokker DVII.
  18. Don't despair. At least you got a response and an eta on the parts. Eduard on he other hand, doesn't have the courtesy to answer my emails. Thanks to Squadron's fantastic Customer Service Manager, I was able the get the missing Eduard parts from him. Hasegawa is also a slow shipper. It took me about 2 months to get several parts I needed for two Georges from them.
  19. New guy here, my name is Ernie Urtiaga. Been building since a youngster back in the mid to late 60's. Since retiring from law enforcement, I have a little more time for my favorite hobby. I like mostly military subjects in 1/48 aircraft and 1/35 armor. I try not to limit my hobby to just one subject. I also enjoy working on dioramas and figures.
  20. I recently picked up a 1/28 Revell Dr.1 and Camel kits in a garage sale. The Camel kit had a decal sheet set titled "IPMS-USA Decals, Scale Master Limited Edition". It has markings for the DR.1, the Camel and the Spad aircraft. The instruction sheet is a little yellow but the decals look to be in mint condition. Can anyone tell me when this set was offered?
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