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  1. Your right Ralph i shouldn't have said Negative. There are some great suggestion.I guess i was a wee bit set back by the first two responses.I'll keep listening to the ideas. Rod
  2. From what I have read most being negitive.Sorry to wasted your time. Rod
  3. I have been a juniors judge for over 10 years. This year was the lowest turnout I can ever remember.The hobby if you haven't noticed is dying literally. Most of our members are in there 50's and 60's.Some of the problem this year was no make n take.A lot of kids will make something there and enter it.Now we always give lip service saying we got to get the youth involved in our hobby and that's as far as it goes.There's one group in the Detroit area that is the exception.i have a thought about perhaps giving a scholarship along with our Tom Kolk award at the convention.I know this takes money.The big hobby groups like Revell ,Tamiya,Squadron,Sprue Brothers,and ETC would have to be asked for donations this lack of young people effects them also.Now to our members getting about $5.00 a year for a couple of years gets you around $50,000.00 once you get to that amount you can give a $1000.00 a year scholarship and it will be self sustaining.I guess do we want our hobby to grow or to die with its modelers. Rod millard
  4. I Would like to hear from a couple of the judges to see what they saw from the winners and also the ships that didn't place. For me this would help in my future builds.As I said before I thought the Bluenose was outstanding,and also Ian's ship plus there was anouther ship in the back that looked good that was on the same scale as Ian's Rod
  5. I can tell you there was some strange judging in the sailing class.The third place winner is a weekend build kit.And ther was a Bluenose that was great that didn't get anything.I didn't understand..I was enter in that class too I couldn't find a judge to go over my model to find out what I could have done better. Rod
  6. I'm looking to buy a Glencoe Yacht Corsair II kit.I can be contacted at rnmillard@charter.net Thanks Rod Millard
  7. Anyone have a Built model of the Admiral Cabriolet they would lke to sell. I needed it for a friend. Rod Millard contact me at rnmillard@charter.net
  8. The date is getting nearer for our K-zoo show.Great catagories.Terrific looking awards.Super vendors some who where at the IPMS Nats. So circle the date Sept. 27th at our new location The Western Michigan University Campus.See you all in 26 days. Rod
  9. Four of us are driving down from West Michigan together. altogether I believe eight from our club is coming.Bob see you and Travis there.Be ready everyone Travis is moving from Juniors to adults and he's good. Rod
  10. I've been trying for two nights to get the Nats site.Is it down or is it my computer, Everthing else is working. Rod
  11. Bob Travis's models are outstanding.Plus he's a good kid.I can't wait to see his Missouri. See you guys after the winter. Rod
  12. Terrific convention. The Colorado group did a very nice job.I agree with David . i wasn't crazy about vendor advertisemnt on the sleeve of the shirt I paid for. Other than that pats on the back all around, Rod
  13. Clare Great show. the new venue worked great. Lighting was super, Checking in was breeze. I was very happy with my vending table and location. Getting the best senior modeler award was a shock. There were some outstanding models on the tables. Tell the group big THUMBs up. Rod As Arnold would say (I'll be Baack)
  14. I finished mine weeks ago. Two weeks ago. I then have Nursemandie and Steve bringing them for me (to big for the plane boss) Your holding it in your lap all the way to FLA. right Mandie? Rod
  15. Mark cool I'm coming down from West Michigan Friday. Would like to meet you. I know you are ship builder also .I'll have a Galeass sailing ship and 1912 Henderson motorcycle entered. hope to meet you. Rod
  16. Hi Chris Welcome to a great modeling group..I do plastic sailing ships also. I'm on the west side of the mitten. I played football against Sanford-Merdian back in the Sixties.Same place ? I'm always available if you are looking for help or did to talk about ships or just modeling in general. Great to have you aboard. Rod
  17. Jay Just great. Backing up a little. How do you get your heat stained effect on your exhaust. Rod
  18. Jeff Great , It will good to see you again. Bring lots of money Amanda has lined up over 40 tables of vendors so far. The raffle will be outstanding also. See you real soon. Rod
  19. We are one month away from our Air-Zoo contest. We have a new location. We'll be in the Air-Zoo East Campus ( The old museum building) Not the main museum building. Address 3101 East Milham , Portage Mi. 49002. You can find our flier and forms at www.ipmskalamazoo.org We'll have Make & take for our younger modelers. A large raffle.Great venders from all over the mid west. The date Sept. 17th 2011 starting at 8:30 am EST. See you all there. Rod
  20. Three of us driving in from West Michigan Weds. Hoping there's not alot of down time getting around Chicago. Rod
  21. I was driving that car at the time of my prom. My memories of it are quite different than the reality, I'm sure. See me at the Nats and I'll tell you story about that car and my night.
  22. Yes, what's worse than any armor, aircraft or car modeler are when sci-fi modelers argue in the forums. Epic battles with internet chases from modeling site to modeling site. All over the correct color of a fictional vehicle seen on TV or in the movies. That was in black and white. Rod
  23. Hey John thats my dad's car I took to the senior prom in 65 Rod
  24. Hi Kurt Welcome to The IPMS. What part of the mitten are you from.There's some great clubs in the state. Rod
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