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  1. Monogram 1/48 P-61- was really cool for a 11 yr old Revell 1/48 UH-34D-got one cheap Tamiya old 1/35 King tiger-cool for a 13 yr old any model I just purchased !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Welcome Patti; You'll have fun on the forums. There's a great bunch of people here ! Slugman
  3. Welcome Brandon. Armour's good as long as you have air-support. Actually, I enjoy armour too!Slugman.
  4. John; Glad to have you aboard. WW1 aircraft are cool.I can't ever get the rigging right though. What are your favorites. Some reason I like the Walfisch. Need to build one someday. Slugman, IPMS Green Dragons
  5. Darth Foster; Welcome to the forum. My son, Eely ( an ellzard, I'm not sure what that is) aka Logan, really likes sci-fi.One of the models he is working on is a MPC Speeder bike. I've been on a helicopter kick lately. We too like to fish when we are not building models.Slugman, IPMS Green Dragons.
  6. I would like to see Revell/Monogram do the Ch-54, UH-34,CH-37, P-2V,P-4M,B-47, B-36, and B-52, like they did the WW2 bombers. Open panels, good cockpits and gun turrets, decent engines, figures,etc. Man, that would be some good modelling !!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm lucky enough to have an extra bedroom turned into a model room, so the cold really doesn't effect me. But in the summer, I will spend more time outside. Yes, it can get hot in the NW, and I have open window air-conditioning. Slugman
  8. How about: CH-54 UH-34 CH-37 B-36 All in 1/48.
  9. Hey Friends; I've seen the JSU-152 at our club meeting, and it's looking sharp !! And yes, this is a monster of a tank.I wouldn't have wanted to fight it in a Sherman, maybe a M-26 Pershing. Slugman, IPMS Green Dragons.
  10. Welcome Bob; Sounds like you have a really cool job. One of these days, I'm going to build a Liopleurodon. Do you know of any kits of this beast? Slugman from Wash.
  11. Hello all; The box says they will fit the hasegawa F4U -5,-5N, AU-1, and -7. The AU-1 and -7 have different oil cooler intakes than the -5s. How is this represented on the resin wings? Different inserts? Slugman
  12. Are you coming over to the Dark side??? Slugman
  13. I would really like to get going on the Revell UH-34D.Afraid of messing this one up. Slugman
  14. Les; Thanks, and they sure are! Slugman
  15. Texas Mike; Beautiful build, love the cockpit!! Slugman
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