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  1. I keep staring at these kits as I walk through Barnes and Noble. I may have to break down and buy one. Looks like a good "palate cleanser" after a long slog with a kit.
  2. He's fantastic! I always liked this kit, but could never figure out why the vampire was still "alive." I guess the stake didn't go quite far enough.
  3. Just chiming in to say the SA-6 was molded by Trumpeter, which I've wanted to place next to the ZSU-23-4.
  4. "I wonder how much interested there would be for model of a vehicle from a 1954 movie and a Walt Disney World attraction that has been closed since 1994. From Disney's perspective, there is not a lot of promotional value in the licensing of a model." "John, I guess you are right about not enough interest in a 1954 film to make a kit viable." I have to disagree. We've seen rereleases of far-less desired subjects: Dark Shadows figure kits, the "Glo Monster Heads," "Silly Surfers" and the like. The Disney Nautilus is an iconic ship; approaching the recognizability of certain TV starships, I'd say. It sits on the "grail lists" of numerous builders. I think Disney's missing an opportunity by not making a deal for its production, and earning the ill-will of customers by releasing expensive versions out of the reach of the vast majority of modelers.
  5. My all-time favorite was in Houston, Texas: Hobby Island. Very cool shop, with a very cool modeler-friendly vibe, it closed a couple of years ago.
  6. Looks very good! I'm shocked to see one built up; I think this is the first!
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