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Here is one of we figure painters’ holy grail figures, Infinity Shape’s “Mohican” based on a still of Daniel Day Lewis as Nathaniel of the Inglese, adopted son of Chingachcook of the Mohican people. La Longue Carabine. I scored the two part 54mm white metal from a poster on one of the figure websites a couple years ago. The base is from John Jeffries (Birch Tree Enterprises). I found it at his booth at a show and loved the split in the wood. I saw it right away as the course for a stream. The tree is a root from the back yard. The water is Envirotex resin with the foam created from Woodland Scenics Water Effects and cotton.














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Hi, Al,


Beautiful painting on the figure. Your base makes the entire scene fit together.


One question: Is it really necessary to use the smallest size type. I have to use a magnifying glass on the screen just to read it.



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