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The Duke's 2009 Year in Review WARNING! Lots of Pics!

Mark Deliduka

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Okay people, I'm posting this here because of the fact that I have a wide variety of models finished and I wanted to keep them in one thread. There'll be multiple posts on this Thread due to the pics limitation, so bear with me here. There are a lot of pics to see, as I managed to finish 66 models in 2009.


So, sit back and enjoy the parade!


Starting in January, here they are.



January only three:


MPC's 1/72 scale F-86D Sabre Dog




Flugzeug-Modelkasten 1/72 scale Sukhoi Su-7 BKL Fitter.




Pioneer 1/72 scale F-100 Super Sabre






Moving on to February:


Academy 1/72 scale M-1126 Stryker:




Dragon's 1/72 scale M4 Sherman with the wading stacks.




Dragon 1/72 scale Sherman Firefly Ic:




Dragon 1/72 scale M4A4 British:




Revell of Germany M-997 Maxi Ambulance.




Academy 1/72 scale M-32 Halftrack:




1/72 scale Revell Humvee M996 Humvee TOW carrier:




To be continued....

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Continuing February.....


1/72 scale Dragon M1045 Humvee TOW Carrier




1/72 scale Dragon Humvee M1046 TOW carrier with ASK armor:




MPC 1/72 scale Ju-52 transport:




Trumpeter 1/72 scale M-113A1 APC




Italeri's 1/72 scale F-5B Freedom Fighter






March and April I had finished nothing. Spring Fever I guess.




In May I finished these:


PST 1/72 scale GMC CCKW tractor trailer truck:




Dragon 1/72 scale T-34/76 1941 with cast turret




ACE 1/72 scale Russian 122mm A-19 Artillery piece:




Hasegawa's 1/72 scale 54cm Morser Karl with munitionspanzer "Loki".






More to come....

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Continuing again with June, I finished two aircraft and two artillery pieces:


Trumpeter's 1/72 scale Tu-16 Badger:




Hasegawa RF-4E Phantom II "Immelmann Special"




ACE 1/72 scale M-101 105mm howitzer:




ACE 1/72 scale M-102 Lightweight 105mm howitzer:





In July, I finished alot:


1/72 scale Roden SdKfz 234 8-Rad armored car in Afrika Korps markings.




1/72 scale Italeri Italian 90mm gun with crew:




1/72 scale Pioneer2 Ho-229 Horten fighter.




Finemolds 1/72 scale Savoia S.21F floatplane "Porco Rosso"




ACE's 1/72 scale sIG 33 Infantry gun.




Gran Models 1/72 scale Russian Mi-1 Hare Soviet Air Force 1950





July will continue in the next post....

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And July continues with....


Hobby Boss 1/72 scale CH 46 Sea Knight, US Marines HMM 262:




ACE 1/72 scale German 7.5cm Pak 50 German Army 1944:




ACE Russian F-22 76mm Field Gun Russian Army 1942:




PST 1/72 scale Russian KV IE Ekranami 86th Tank Battalion Leningrad Front 1941:




Revell of Germany 1/72 scale German M-48 A2 Patton, PzBtl 24 Braunsweig 1962:




Revell of Germany 1/72 scale M-60 A1 Patton with ERA, Italian Army Somalia 1993:




Revell of Germany 1/72 scale M-60 A1 Patton with ERA, US Marine Corps, Desert Storm 1991:





Revell of Germany 1/72 scale M-60 A3 Patton with Dozer Blade, US Army 8th infantry Dev., 4th Battalion,/69th Armor:






More to come.....

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Short post for September since I finished 10 models in October:


August was a dead month. In September I didn't have anything finished until the end of the month:


Hobby Boss' 1/700 scale Russian Oscar II class anti-carrier submarine:




Roden's 1/72 scale British Staghound:




ACE 1/72 scale German leFH 18/40 Light field Howitzer:




Dragon 1/72 scale Sdkfz 2515/10 with Pak 36 gun:




Dragon 1/72 scale SdKfz 251/1 Ausf D:




Italeri 1/72 scale CH-53D Jolly Green Giant helicopter:






Next is October's production....

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October was a very prolific month for me:


Hasegawa 1/72 scale OV-1D Mohawk Complete:




Italeri's 1/72 scale C-47 Dakota Skytrain Complete:




Airfix 1/72 scale German Recon Group consisting of an Sd Kfz 222 armored car and Kubelwagen.




1/72 scale Trumpeter M-113 A2 APC. I need to find the gun again:




Dragon 1/72 scale M4A2 (75mm) 'Beute' Sherman:




Dragon 1/72 scale M4A2 (75mm) Russian Sherman:




Hasegawa 1/72 scale Japanese T-33A shooting Star:




1/72 scale Canadian Zlin Z-142C model manufacturer unknown:




Monogram 1/48th scale F-102 Delta Dagger:




Fujimi "Box" scale Japanese Zero Egg Plane:




Next is November and some of December since I finished 11 models in December....

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Okay, here's November and about half of December....



That finished out October, now for November:


Kitech 1/600 scale French Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle:




Dragon's 1/700 scale Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Paul Hamilton:




Airfix 1/72 scale La Haye Sainte Waterloo Farnhouse:






And finally, December:


Starting with my commission build, Revell 1/72 scale B-1 Bomber:




1/72 scale Model Wheels Egyptian T-34 122mm self propelled gun.




1/72 scale Syrian T-34 with D-30 self propelled gun:




ACE 1/72 scale Iraqi BMP I:




December continues in the next Thread as I finish off the year!

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And finally, the rest of December and the last models I built for the year!


Continuing with....


ACE's 1/72 scale Pioneer Kampfrwagen:




Trumpeter 1/72 scale Br-52 Lokomotiove:




Hasegawa's 1/72 scale GMC CCKW 353 Cargo Truck:




Airfix's, formerly JB Models 1/76 scale Bedford 4-Tonne General Purpose truck:




UM Models 1/72 scale Russian Su-1-12 Gun Truck:




Arii's 1/700 scale Russian Alpha-class submarine "Red Star":




AHM Minikits HO/OO scale Blacksmith Shop:







Total count: 66 (sixty-six) models finished.


And get this: I bought/won/traded, or was gifted only 11 models this year. I'm doing good!!




There they are, my parade of models for 2009. Enjoy!




SO! What did all of you get finished in 2009? Post away in your own threads!!! Come on! Lets see them!

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Wow, I either overwhelmed everyone to speechlessness, or nobody can download this Thread. I was hoping to generate some discussion on this Thread, but I guess this was a mistake posting everything. I guess I should have just listed them all instead like everyone did in the other Thread in Open Discussion.

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Nah.....I know I'm very impressed! In fact, I've already adjusted my building tactics to follow your lead by building more OOTB in the coming year. I still won't approach your productivity levels, and will be happy if I get 16 done, let alone 26 or 66 as you did! I think most comments have been made about a lot of your models on other threads or when you originally posted them when you finished them. Thus, most people haven't bothered to repeat themselves here. As for me, I like all the pics! Looking at models is the next best thing to building them. Thanks!


GIL :smiley16:

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Hi, Duke,


It took me over an hour to look at all the photos because I opened most of them to get a better second look. I actually look forward to your annual photo recap, and I always come away amazed. As a total body of work, you set the pace and somehow manage to blend art, skill, history, and accuracy in all your models. I've seen your postings of your collection cases, and I won't admit how I wish I could fill mine as well as you do. 2010 will be your record-breaker--that's my prediction. A Duke is married to a Duchess or Queen, and you must have found one of those. :smiley2:



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I am humbled by both your comments Gil and Ed.


Thanks Gil! I'm glad you enjoy my work and I'm glad to give you so many to look at. I do hope to see more of your OOB builds, they are going to look great!


Ed, thank you! I figured it would take awhile to look at all these, but not because you'd open them again. Thank you! I may make 2010 a banner year; we'll see. I'm sure going to have fun though. And yes, my wife is quite the Duchess, especially when I keep the Hobby Room door closed! :smiley9::smiley17:


Thanks again guys for your fantastic comments!

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