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Italeri Autoblinda AB41


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Hello, I'm back. I lost the mojo for the longest. But it was an 'out of my comfort zone'  group build from my model club that got me going again.  There was a long time member of the club who was heavily into 1/72 armor. He recently passed away, and  the build simply to build a 1/72 armor kit. Watching my son build his armor kits and watching him tediously put together all those tracks, I decided to try something with wheels. 

What I got was the 1/72 Italeri Autoblinda AB41 from Megahobby. Now I realize 1/72 is small. And I build all 1/72 aircraft, but holy moley this thing was down right tiny!

Even for a tiny vehicle, there was an amazing amount of detail!  The kit also gives you the option for four different versions - two Italian, and two German versions. With all the camouflage I've done from my Luft '46 planes, I decided a nice easy tan Italian car would be the way to go.










Being a big fan of "Uncle Night Shift" despite not doing armor vehicles, I followed his instructions for chipping and weathering. All that's left for the vehicle is a mist coat to simulate the dust of the road.


 Being really small, I decided to put it on a little base, so out came the foam. I put down some glue and the sand, but didn't like it. Got out the Vallejo paste, but that's for next time. Thanks for looking.


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On 10/3/2021 at 7:10 PM, Mark Deliduka said:

Beautiful job and welcome to my world! Glad to see you tackle this.


Thanks guys!

Duke, doing mostly planes I used to figure once I got past the tiny seat, stick and pedals, the rest of the parts got a little more manageable.  I'm think if I had picked another tank it would have given me a break. This car was tough even with my Opti-visors.  I almost didn't have nippers that cut delicately enuff to get what I guess are tow hooks from the sprue. Haha

Bravo to you for doing almost 1K of them! 👍👍

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Posted (edited)

I finished up the little base. The Italeri soldiers haven't arrived yet. So if and when they get here, I'll add another pic.

Til then I'm calling this one done. Thanks for looking.


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22 hours ago, Mark Deliduka said:

Most impressive! You've surpassed me in quality on this little car! Way to go Kevin!

Thanks, but nah, no way. I'm calling it beginners luck. 😉

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