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Project 667 Delta Sub Kit - Maybe?

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Just saw a 1/350 Delta (-III) Soviet sub kit advertised for Zvezda 4Q19 - and now the ad is gone. Does that mean:

1 - Just not gonna make 2019 "so...gimme a minute"  or

2 - The CONUS distributor syringe will not accommodate  or

3 - Cancelled due to lack of interest?

Sure do hope it's not #3. I really want one of these menacing, iconic Cold War monsters.

Any wisdom here?

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Wonder if this was a re-release  of the Alnger kit?


Don't see that exact one from them but I do see this but think its different:




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Wouldn't be the first time that a submarine kit disappeared from a manufacturer's list.  Hobby Boss had a 1/350 Golf ballistic missile sub listed a few years ago that never materialized.
(2020 update- it’s finally out!!)

 The Alanger kit was a Delta IV, not a III.  The Zvezda K-3 is a November class (Project 627) SSN.

If you can work with resin, there is a Russian outfit in Severodvinsk that makes highly accurate & detailed Russian submarines of many types in 1/350 scale.  He sells on Ebay and the prices are decent; service is excellent.  Currently he has Delta I, (Project 667B) II, (Project 667BD) III, (Project 667BDR) & IV (Project 667BDRM) SSBN kits listed; also earlier Soviet generation Hotel (Project 658) & Yankee (Project 667) SSBNs.  He also makes most Soviet SSNs.  The only drawback to the kits is he uses a hard, dark red resin and doesn't appear to have access to modern vacuum resin casting technology.  As a result, although the hull is one piece, there is a prominent seam line on the upper and lower hull that is a real project to remove without destroying details.  Working on one right now (Golf II SSB), and have spent 8+ hours on seam remediation alone.  He also puts two 1/4 inch mounting holes in the hull bottom that have turned up edges, resembling lunar craters. A bit overdone for my taste,  as I mount ships on 1/8 inch brass posts and a wood base.  The rest of the assembly is relatively straightforward if you have done resin kits in the past.   If you are new to resin, start with an easier & “cleaner” assembly, such as the Blue Ridge Albacore kit.  If interested, contact me and I will give you Boris' contact information & eBay seller name. 



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