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Awards Slideshow for ModelFiesta 36

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Use this link to view a pdf "Slideshow" from ModelFiesta 36, the annual event hosted by Alamo Squadron in San Antonio, Tx. The names of the winners, an image of the winning entry, and the "place" won will appear for all categories and special awards.

It may take 20 to 30 seconds for the images to appear within the pdf so give it some time. There are a few "slides" for which there are no images.




If you get stymied by the ever popular Login window, just look for the "Close It" "X" in the upper right and you'll be able to view the file.



One of the local TV stations did a video tour of the entries and you can view that at




One of my own entries made this video!

Edited by Dick Montgomery
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You can bypass the Login Screen by simply closing it. I think the "X" is in the traditional upper right corner location.

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