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The Duke Completes Two SCUDs

Mark Deliduka

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Today I completed my two SCUD missile vehicles bringing my Completed Small Scale Vehicle count up to 681 completed vehicles. These are both the Toxso Models 1/72 scale SCUD B Missile launchers. Both of these were built OOB and I built them side by side the whole time. One became a Russian vehicle while the other is Iraqi.

Here is my Russian SCUD B missile vehicle:



Now here is my Iraqi SCUD B missile vehicle:



How about a shot of the two of them together:


The missile launcher carriages do raise up too. Here's a salute to all of you who stop in to see these:


That's all I have for now. It is such a thrill finally having these finished and on the shelf! These were quite fun to build and a great addition to my collection.

Thanks all for looking in, comments are welcome.

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