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Picture posting is LIVE! (Rules and Attachment FAQ) 1.0

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First off, I want to thank Eric Aitalia for his hard work in helping to get this live. IP Board has its eccenticites, and while it's not perfect, we DO have direct upload working. Eric's work on the website and forum often goes unnoticed, but he does a LOT of good work while maintaining a job and his family. Please, if you can, take time to thank him sometime.



Rules and Regulations


  • All images directly attached and posted to the IPMS forums via the method described below are to be used ONLY on the IPMS/USA Forum. In essence, do not "hot link" pictures for use in other forums or internet groups. Doing so seriously puts a lot on our bandwidth and slows the website and forum.
  • No inappropriate pictures will be allowed. IPMS/USA is a family friendly organization and the Moderators will delete offending pictures and warn the member in question. The first offense will be a warning, with the picture removed. Second offense will be a temporary removal of image posting rights for two weeks. Third will be a permanent removal of said rights, contingent on member behavior. Note that models with historical or artistic value WILL be considered. Dioramas can be gory and ancient people did not always cover their naughty bits. Use your common sense with posting stuff like this or ask a Moderator first.
  • Images are the property of the uploader, unless otherwise credited. If said image is from another site, please ensure that the owner of the model and/or image is properly credited. Reproduction of images without the express permission of the owner will be grounds for removal from the forum. We do not want legal issues. Again, if there is ever any doubt, PM a Moderator.







There are currently two methods to post pictures. You may attach, in the original post (OP) a "Thumbnail" that will appear at the base of your posting. You also may imbed the image into the post, as will be described below. Note that both are valid and up to the user on how to proceed.


Original Post image attachment.

  1. Check below the chat window. There will be a large paper clip icon with a "Choose File" button to its right. Click on the "Choose File" button.
  2. You will be prompted to search your computer for an image to attach. Use your operating system to do so. Click it on and hit "OK"
  3. Note now that the image file name is to the right of the "Choose File" button. The name may be cropped.
  4. Hit "Attach this file" button to the bottom of the "Choose File" button.
  5. Image will now be available at the BOTTOM of the forum chat window. If you do nothing else, the image may appear in a small bar to the bottom of your post. If this is your desire, END HERE. Otherwise, if you wish to embed the picture in the post, continue ahead.
  6. Write your text such as:

    This is my Tiger. It is doomed never to win a show because someone always seems to break it. It makes me sad:
  7. Now, look below at the SMALL icon of your picture. Look to the far right of the grey bar. You will see "Add to Post." Click it.

    See its pretty base? Poor thing.
  8. Note that the picture is rather small once the user has posted. Click on the picture for full size.
  9. Continue on with your post. You can attach multiple pictures and add them/delete them from your text to your heart's content. You may remove ALL Pictures from the upload by choosing the "Clear Selection" button below.
  10. Profit and post.

    This is my Maine. It took Best Ship even after my wife dropped it. Win!


Any questions can be delivered to my PM box. I will always be available to help.


Keep in mind that remote linking via Photobucket, etc is still active via the old "picture" icon if this is your preference. I plan to use both to cut down load on our servers.

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I tried following your instructions, but for the life of me couldn't find the paper clip you mentioned. So I started clicking.

Here is a simple graphic way I figured out to explain it so others can use it.


To find the paperclip click the "more reply options" button (that's the missing step)


First, click on this box:



Then you will find the paperclip.


First click the "Choose file" button

Next click the "Attach this file" button

Finally, move your cursor where you want the image to appear and click "add to post" - or if you don't like where it went, click the "delete" (or just highlight the text and delete)

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