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  1. Huge thanks to Jim Clark for helping out!! Much appreciated Jim!
  2. I have a reservation at the Embassy Suites for Tuesday (19th) through Sunday (24th), but was unable to get the discount rate. If anyone is going to cancel their stay with those dates, PLEASE contact me and I will happily take over your reservation. Thanks in advance and much appreciated!! Bob
  3. Thanks Ed for the answer. Thought that might be the case. Still unsure which category it would fit into. Any idea?
  4. Noticed that the category for "Commercial Ships" is not listed for the 2019 Nats. Was it removed from the contest or just a mistake on the category listings? If it has been removed, then what category would a 1/400 Titanic be entered?
  5. I have a feeling this is going to be a FANTASTIC show!!
  6. No Jim. Unfortunately, I won't be attending the convention next year. Just too far to drive.
  7. I will have these two kits with me in Omaha for the Nationals. I will be at the Jr Chapter display table in the model room most of the time. If I'm not there, someone will be, who can call me in an instant. Not looking to ship these. If no takers here, then I'll dump them off in the vendors room. Hasegawa 1/350 Japanese Agano $90 Hasegawa 1/20 Wing of Yamaha sail boat racer $50 If interested, stop by and we can wheel and deal. Bob Blevins #41445
  8. Ok all you Omaha dwellers... Let's have names of some good (not too expensive) restaurants around town. Steakhouses, seafood, Mexican... it's all good. I'm dealing with a broken jaw at the moment and wires are supposed to come off just before we head out. I'm gonna be hungry!!!
  9. I never went to a banquet before last year's nats. Didn't realize what I'd been missing!! Will never attend another without buying a banquet ticket.
  10. bob

    Nats category question

    Thanks Nick. That's where I thought it wold go. Appreciate the quick response.
  11. Which cat would I put in a German Search and Rescue boat. #406 or 418? It's not a German navy boat but a modern SAR boat. Thanks
  12. The fine folks from Fort Crook IPMS are giving us a display table at the Nats this year. The IPMS Motor City Kids will have a display of their work for attendees to view. We'll have info for those interested in starting a Junior IPMS chapter in their own home town. You'll be able to see photos of the kids "in action" as well as seeing some of their creations. A couple of the young members will also be making the trip and manning the table at times. All of the club's instructors will be there to talk about how our club works and give advice and tips to those interested. This won't be a promotion of our club as much as it will be promoting Junior chapters in general. As of this date there are still only two Jr chapters in the USA. I hope some of you will stop by and check it out. Bob Blevins #41445 IPMS Motor City Kids
  13. Invite is always open Rudy. We would be happy to share tips and techniques with anyone, anytime. We just had our bi-monthly Model of the Month contest so December's meeting will be some sort of demo or discussion. We haven't decided yet. We are working on a complete schedule of meeting plans for next year, so we'll have that before the first of the year. Looking forward to meeting you. By the way...are you planning on attending the DAAM show this Sunday? If so, I'll look for you there. Bob
  14. If you're interested in weathering, I invite you to check out our club, IPMS Livonia. You can visit our website, ipmslivonia.org for meeting info. You would surely be given lots of advice on the subject. Welcome again !! Bob Blevins
  15. From a fellow Michigander... Welcome!!! Hope to see some of your builds in person. Where are you from?
  16. Oustanding effort by these young builders !!! The IPMS Motor City Kids send congrats to all !!
  17. They said not until the 20th but we were able to make reservations today. Got a room - no problems. See you all in Omaha!!
  18. All done. 2,224 photos in the gallery. Tomorrow - I'm taking pics for myself.
  19. Over 1,100 photos up so far. I'll finish with figures, space and sci-fi and juniors tomorrow then get anything I missed, after judging Friday night.
  20. Will there be seats for the awards ceremony for those who are NOT seated for the banquet?
  21. Looking for a set of AMS 1/32 B-25 propeller blades for the HK kit. I'll pay any reasonable price.
  22. Looking for Eduard #32541 1/32 TBM Avenger interior set. It's different from the set for the TBF-1C so I can"t use that one. Or possibly BIG-ED set #3224 if price is right. I can pay with Paypal or however you like. Thanks Bob Blevins #41445
  23. Here's an idea. Take that money and spread it around to current chapters who want to start a Junior IPMS Chapter. There's still only two in the entire country!!! Give maybe $100 to the club to cover supplies. Have the Jr Chapter meet once a week like ours does. You can meet at a hobby shop, library, museum, church, etc. All it takes is a couple of dedicated IPMS members to work up a club plan and go from there. Advertising can be word of mouth, flyers at hobby shops, schools, churches, libraries, etc. Some of our club members have been showing up for more than 5 years. It really works!!! All it takes is someone with a passion for teaching this great hobby to kids!!! If anyone is interested in how to accomplish this, please feel free to PM me and I'll be more than happy to help. If the National officers are reading this...Why don't we do more to promote Junior IPMS chapters??? Perhaps we need a sit down at the National Convention to discuss this. What's the worst that could happen? Maybe we get hundreds of new junior members? Maybe we just might save this hobby from slowly fading away. Just my thoughts. Bob Blevins Founder and Chapter Contact - IPMS Motor City Kids V.P. - IPMS Livonia
  24. Thanks Clare. Just have to keep them motivated and HAVE FUN !!!
  25. After the Summer off for recreational activities - The IPMS Motor City Kids are back at it for their 8th season of model building. Check out our website www.ipmsmotorcitykids.com of visit our facebook page for weekly updates.
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