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  1. Nice!! I have one of those on my stash of gun trucks to do. Right behind an M35 and M54 :army7:
  2. There is only one bid and its Columbus Ohio guys
  3. I saw them too! I will be getting the 40mm and putting my terminators on them!
  4. This weekend is the 2013 R12 Regional hosted by the IPMS Sumter/Shaw AFB Gamecocks! Fri Jun 21 5-9 vendor setup Sat Jun 22 9-4 open to the public for more info go to our web page www.sumter-shawafb-ipms.org/convention or contact Tony Abbott acabbott@earthlink.net or Tim Darrah ttttimmy@earthlink.net . We hope to see you this weekend!!
  5. Mine doesn't carry vallejo paints, but it was pretty cool to go. I'm planning to go next weekend.
  6. If you never been into a games workshop store and you have one near by, you got to go! One opened up about hour and half from where I live and I decided to go today. I had great time! The owner took time to talk to me and show me what's new and some new tips I can use. I spent nearly 2hrs there and nearly spent all my money.
  7. Check out the ipms facebook page, I've posted my imperial guard sentinel there
  8. I've had the same experience with gw. They were quick to get back with me and my replacement was on my door step in a matter of days. I did notice that their resin figures are hit or miss in quality.
  9. Good luck! The one one we have here in Charleston, SC isn't very good. I look forward to see it the next time I visit my folks
  10. thats great! now my folks (who live in sc) have a place to go to get my birthday and christmas gifts!!
  11. spooky

    109 help

    IMHO Tamiya makes some nice kits. All you need is some PE seatbelts and there you go. Hasegawa seats(at least in their 1/72nd kits) are blocks of plastic.
  12. I too want to say thanks to mike for being so kind to me during and after my face plant into the floor. The good news is I won't be needing surgery on my shoulder. And thank you all for your kind words.
  13. Just got back from a Chevy dealer and after getting an odd look from the sale man he got down on the ground and looked for me. He said it was black, with the the pans,heat plates and bracing silver in color.
  14. Thanks timmy, I plan on going to a Chevy dealership today. I'll let you what color it is. I can't wait for Nats! Look forward to seeing you guys. Rebecca
  15. I was wondering if anyone knows what color is the floor pan on a 2010 camaro ss?
  16. I think some people need to come out of the 18th century!
  17. I'm a woman and been modeling since I was 7. I wish there were more of us out there. I do armor,aircraft,and figures.IMHO, I think IPMS should reach out to attract women to the hobby.
  18. My sister lives like 20 min away in Louisville, so tony and I have our room and a car to use!
  19. Yes we all know how that's going to end! ;)
  20. There hasn't been a good hobby shop in state college since 88'.
  21. It's a blue gray. On a figure 28mm in size its a blue gray:)
  22. spooky

    LVT-(A)4 color

    Thanks I'll try that
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