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  1. You can try a company called Cincinnati Surgical it looks .like they carry the blades your looking for.
  2. Saw this model last week the picture does not do it justice it is very well done.
  3. Kevin Were in north eastern Illinois are you located. Neil
  4. Tim your welcome good luck with your projects Neil
  5. Tim Maybe you can try Scale Aircraft Conversions they make metal landing gear for a number of different aircraft. Neil
  6. The convention website says they hope to go live on Feb 1.
  7. Just checked Airfix's wedsite its the Victor B2.
  8. Tim Tamiya makes a metallic blue color number x13. It mite not be dark enough. Or you can try painting the silver first and then blue clear over it. Neil
  9. Dick Maybe they can check with IPMS COLUMBIA. They have a wedsite I cannot read it since it is in Spainish. Neil
  10. Chris I would like to invite you to a meeting of the Lake Region Scale Modelers. We meet in Crystal Lake,IL at the Fountains of Crystal Lake on Route 31. Out next meeting is Friday June 26 at 730pm. If you directions to the meeting or more information. Email me at Excenmod@aol.com. Hope to see you at the meeting. Neil Butler Chapter Contact IPMS Lake Region Scale Modelers.
  11. Additional to last post our next meeting is this Friday May 22nd at 7:30pm Neil
  12. Dennis Welcome to the forum. Also would like to invite you a meeting of the Lake Region Scale Modlelers. We meet in Crystal Lake at the fountains of Crystal Lake on Route 31. If you need directions please contact me. Neil Butler Chapter Contact Lake Region Scale Modelers excenmod@aol.com
  13. Bob I have the kit and can send you copy of the instructions by snail mail I have no scanner to scan them to an email Send me you address to me by email and Iwill get the instructions to you as fast as I can. Neil Butler excenmod@aol.com
  14. Tom Checked Great models webstore. They have andrea brusches listed under paint and accessories under andrea figures. Hope this helps. Neil
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