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  1. OK. Jim and Stewart. That makes a lot of sense. I will defer to your suggestions. Kevin
  2. Gil, What I would like to see is what the current thinking is and what options are open to us from their standpoint. That is, what are the markers they are looking for to determine if it is a go or not. How many do they realistically expect to attend. How would they practise social distancing and the issue of masks -what is their thinking on this. If they cancel, how much does IPMS look to lose financially. How could the membership help out - sort of a self generated gofundme - to offset that. If they don't cancel how much do they stand to lose by people not showing up. How does the vendor situation stand. How about the banquet. What are their thoughts on judging. Is there any way to conduct an online nationals. I could go on, but basically (I know, Judge Judy hates that word) what are their thoughts on this. At least then we would have something to consider from the leadership standpoint. Staying silent when so many are frustrated and wondering is what leads to even more frustration and wondering. Tell me - us - where we stand right now and I can deal with that. I realize that may change, but it gives a frame of reference. I am not trying to bust anyone's cojones. I like many others just want some acknowledgement that we are all in this together and how can we help, other than by standing around silent with our thumbs...well, you get the idea. When I managed Tech Support for Blue Cross, the one thing I drilled into my staff was communicate, communicate, communicate. Soemone has a down PC - make sure you are kiiping them informed as to what is happening. The other thing I drilled into them was give the client options. You may not solve their problem right away but at least the client will know they are not forgotten. That's what I'm looking for, since you asked. Kevin
  3. Again, I would like to hear something from the IPMS National leadership as well as the local Nats leadership. Why are they remaining absolutely silent? Totally irresponsible, especially our National leadership. No, I am not going - I cancelled - so I don't really have a horse in this race, but as a member of IPMS, I want to hear from our National leadership as to what their thinking is. Frankly, shame on them for their stonewalling.
  4. Why is there no response at all from either the Nats staff in Texas or from IPMS leadership? Shame on them.
  5. John, I was not referring to you in any way. You never said you would refuse to wear a mask. Not wanting to and refusing are two different things altogether. Personally, I wear a face shield which is more effective in both directions - incoming and outgoing. More comfortable, too. So, if you took me as referring to you: No, I wans't and sorry if you got that impression. Was not intended. Jim, yes, it does sound contradictory till you consider what I said earlier. I am going to presume that masks will not be mandatory and, if they are, there will be a number of people who will refuse and nothing at all will be done. I advocate cancelling on the presumption that the necessary safety precauutions will not be taken - masks or face shields, no banquet or one that is truly spread out, no crowding at the awards ceremony, vendor tables well spaced and limited numbers of people in the vendor room and so forth. So, yes, unless those precautions are undertaken, I think cancelling is appropriate. I still won't be going but that is my choice. I do not want to take any chance of bringing it home to my wife who has asthma. That could be a death sentence. Since I will be 70 this year and have diabetes, the same applies to me. Now, with that in mind, you said we are only responsible for ourselves. I would disagree. The age old question: Am I my brother's keeper? The answer is yes, I am. I am responsible to my brother/sister/neighbor in the sense that I will do what is necessary to make sure I am not putting them at risk by a selfish action I would do. And it is the exact opposite attitude which I see among so many these days that distresses me. As someone said above, it may all be moot if the mask/face shield mandate is extended - except for this one factor - will IPMS staff enforce it? Peace Kevin
  6. G Hodges and his Me Only attitude is exactly why I am not going to the Nats. I'm sure he will say, Great, your choice, you won't be missed. No, probably not (although I have done rather well model wise over the years), but it is a shame when a few can essentially dictate the decisions others are forced to make by having only concern for themselves.
  7. Thanks for correction about Vegas. I was under the misunderstanding the bigger casinos had to close again. Additional restrictions only
  8. Dave, More testing is not causing more Covid cases. I know the powers that be in government would have us think so, but that is not the scientific realty. Testing is up 17% in Arizona. Covid cases are up 138%. Infection rate among those tested is 7.8% - that is a jump from 5.3%. That is most definitely not the result of more testing. This is a result of our opening up in Arizona way too early and few people taking precautions once we did. Florida the same. Texas is very, very similar. And the San Marcos area is a hotspot. As to the effects of Covid: some people have very mild symtoms. A Pastor friend of mine in his late 40s in good health was mildly affected. Others - us older ones or those with health issues are very seriously affected. The Assistant Pastor of this friend of mine - in his early 40s ended up in ICU for 9 days. A lot depends on the viral load a person receives. And that is a direct result of social distancing or not and wearing a mask or not. I truly wonder if we will have football or not. Hope so as I would hate to think of the time I would have wasted on drafting my fantasy teams. In all seriousness, tough, I tend to doubt there will be football - college or pro. And you are right about so much being driven by dollars. 4 casinos repoened in Arizona - and have now had to shut their doors for at least a couple weeks. Vegas is shutting down again. With this virus there is no such thing as a free lunch. And as you point out, considering the age group of IPMS, that is why I am so concerned about the Nats. Kevin
  9. OK, my previous post skirted the edge or trolling and I was told by others how rude and so forth that I was. I apologize for any offense I gave. No one was talking about it (the previous post on the subject was like 3 weeks prior) and I figured it would get some discussion going. It did. I was just a little too - as my fellow Phoenix chapter members remind me often - a little too curmudgeonly. We have to be realistic about whether or not the show can go on. As was just pointed out, work schedules, travel arrangements and not incurring a cancellation penalty at hotels and the like all come into play and require some advance notice. And over and above us regular attendees, what about the vendors? They really need some advance time to know if things are a go or not. Beyond schedules and such, there is the matter of safety precautions if the show does still happen. Will the Nats organizers REQUIRE everyone to wear a mask? No exceptions. This is not a political issue, it is a health issue. And how will social distancing be carried out in the vendor room (how far apart will the vendor tables be and how many people allowed in to the vendor space at any one time) and in the model room? Nats are crowded. Model tables are crowded. How do you avoid that. And then the judging - and yes, I am a judge of many years standing. Judges crowd together to examine the models. How is that to be done SAFELY? And what about the banquet? Can you even consider a banquet when the proper spacing likely cannot be arranged (and if it can, I would like to hear that from the chapter organizers) - and how do you social distance when the awards are announced and everyone crowds into the banquet room. I don't see how this can all be done. What I found so upsetting to me - and I still do - is the silence from those in charge of this Nats. Considering everything involved, that is simply unacceptable - maybe I'm the only one that finds the silence so, or maybe I've just missed some responses from them, but I would think others among our fraternity would also find what I perceive as silence to be unacceptable. I truly do not see how this Nats can be put on this year. And that's not rude or uncaring or anything like that. Yes, going is everyone's individual choice, but we should not have to be in a position of deciding which is a greater priority - our possible health or our hobby. Leaders sometimes have to make decisions which are not popular among a few or even many, but they have to make those decisions which are in the best interest of everyone. And before anyone pops up with an anecdotal story about how they attended this or that meeting or contest and everyone is fine, etc., just look at the numbers. Texas is a hotspot. As is my own state of Arizona. This virus is real. It is not going to magically fade away overnight. It is not a media opportunity. It is not the flu. It is real. And for those of us in the higher risk categories, it can be deadly. But, of course, we still want to go (we modelers are really just big little kids and we want what we want and we do not want to be disappointed and so many of us will go despite the risks) and that is why those in charge, whether at the national or local level need to make a realistic appraisal and acknowledge that this is a lost year - for the sake of everyone's health and peace of mind. Would that be a disappointing decision? Of course. We've had 3 Nats in Phoenix and I was very much involved with the first 2. I know the work and effort that goes into a Nats by those who put it on. I know how disappointing and possibly costly cancelling a Nats would be. But I see how much more costly in human terms it could be if it does go on and people get sick and possibly die. That is something no one could then wash their hands of. That is why I plead with the leadership to do what is necessary. For all our sakes. Kevin Wenker
  10. I think it unfortunate that our IPMS leadership doesn't grow a pair and make the right decision to cancel this year. First of all, Texas is a real hot spot right now (as is Arizona where I live). San Marcos is not a particularly safe area. Second, the demographics of IPMS is such that many of us who would normally attend and enter models are high to very high risk. Third, if it is held, the number of attendees and the number of models will likely make any awards a joke. First place out of 2 entries. Wow! Fourth, I'll bet the number of vendors who attend will be less than half in normal times. Finally, travel to and from is problematic at best. I was planning to go and had a great room rate but have since decided to cancel. Judging by the responses on our local IPMS page, I am just one of many who are doing the same. Come on, IPMS leadership. Have some gumption. Do the right thing. Forget this year. Focus on Vegas 2021. Why are you having such a hard time with this? I am also a wargamer. Historicon, the nationals of miniature wargaming has cancelled along with the ancillary convention Fall-In in October. The world boardgaming championships has cancelled. Seven Years War convention the same. And right on down the list. Only IPMS has stuck its collective head in the sand and is ignoring the obvious. Sure, it would be disappointing. BUT DO THE RIGHT THING!! Kevin Wenker
  11. I believe it is the 1/220 Hornet not the Enterprise.
  12. Hi Mike, you can have your friend contact me about the room at either winks147@cox.net or 623 910-4978.


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