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  1. OK. Jim and Stewart. That makes a lot of sense. I will defer to your suggestions. Kevin
  2. Gil, What I would like to see is what the current thinking is and what options are open to us from their standpoint. That is, what are the markers they are looking for to determine if it is a go or not. How many do they realistically expect to attend. How would they practise social distancing and the issue of masks -what is their thinking on this. If they cancel, how much does IPMS look to lose financially. How could the membership help out - sort of a self generated gofundme - to offset that. If they don't cancel how much do they stand to lose by people not showing up. How does the vendo
  3. Again, I would like to hear something from the IPMS National leadership as well as the local Nats leadership. Why are they remaining absolutely silent? Totally irresponsible, especially our National leadership. No, I am not going - I cancelled - so I don't really have a horse in this race, but as a member of IPMS, I want to hear from our National leadership as to what their thinking is. Frankly, shame on them for their stonewalling.
  4. Why is there no response at all from either the Nats staff in Texas or from IPMS leadership? Shame on them.
  5. John, I was not referring to you in any way. You never said you would refuse to wear a mask. Not wanting to and refusing are two different things altogether. Personally, I wear a face shield which is more effective in both directions - incoming and outgoing. More comfortable, too. So, if you took me as referring to you: No, I wans't and sorry if you got that impression. Was not intended. Jim, yes, it does sound contradictory till you consider what I said earlier. I am going to presume that masks will not be mandatory and, if they are, there will be a number of people who will refuse and n
  6. G Hodges and his Me Only attitude is exactly why I am not going to the Nats. I'm sure he will say, Great, your choice, you won't be missed. No, probably not (although I have done rather well model wise over the years), but it is a shame when a few can essentially dictate the decisions others are forced to make by having only concern for themselves.
  7. Thanks for correction about Vegas. I was under the misunderstanding the bigger casinos had to close again. Additional restrictions only
  8. Dave, More testing is not causing more Covid cases. I know the powers that be in government would have us think so, but that is not the scientific realty. Testing is up 17% in Arizona. Covid cases are up 138%. Infection rate among those tested is 7.8% - that is a jump from 5.3%. That is most definitely not the result of more testing. This is a result of our opening up in Arizona way too early and few people taking precautions once we did. Florida the same. Texas is very, very similar. And the San Marcos area is a hotspot. As to the effects of Covid: some people have very mild symtoms
  9. OK, my previous post skirted the edge or trolling and I was told by others how rude and so forth that I was. I apologize for any offense I gave. No one was talking about it (the previous post on the subject was like 3 weeks prior) and I figured it would get some discussion going. It did. I was just a little too - as my fellow Phoenix chapter members remind me often - a little too curmudgeonly. We have to be realistic about whether or not the show can go on. As was just pointed out, work schedules, travel arrangements and not incurring a cancellation penalty at hotels and the like all come
  10. I think it unfortunate that our IPMS leadership doesn't grow a pair and make the right decision to cancel this year. First of all, Texas is a real hot spot right now (as is Arizona where I live). San Marcos is not a particularly safe area. Second, the demographics of IPMS is such that many of us who would normally attend and enter models are high to very high risk. Third, if it is held, the number of attendees and the number of models will likely make any awards a joke. First place out of 2 entries. Wow! Fourth, I'll bet the number of vendors who attend will be less than half in normal times.
  11. I believe it is the 1/220 Hornet not the Enterprise.
  12. Hi Mike, you can have your friend contact me about the room at either winks147@cox.net or 623 910-4978.


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