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    Collect and build primarily 1/35 (and some 1/48, 1/72) scale armor and ground-based subjects, including figures mostly from the WW2 era. When not building, I'm reading history or researching potential vehicles for the next project. Also enjoy hiking and exercising to maintain some level of fitness.

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  1. Welcome aboard. Nice memories of model building decades ago. You will find many very helpful and interesting IPMS members here and on the other forums. Hae fun and ... Cheers! chuck
  2. Can someone PLEASE provide me with a point of contact to determine whether someone received and acted on my change of address form? I haven't seen the IPMS Journal for a while and suspect my change of address may have been lost somewhere in cyber space.

    Thank you very much.


    1. dmorrissette


      Talk to Marie here- manager@ipmsusa.org

      FYI- all email addresses are listed under officers on the home page for everyone



    2. hetzer44


      Thank you very much.



  3. It looks as though there is an ESCI 1/35 scale nebelwerfer for sale (3rd pic from the last). If so, what price are you asking? Thank you, chuck
  4. Just posting here now as I have not accessed my IPMS account in a while. 

    Cheers everyone! Hope all are safe and well.


    1. hetzer44


      Very good. Welcome back.

  5. With the holidays on us and all that festive feeling running high ( well, in many of you), here's something else to get festive about: The AMPS 2017 International Convention! The AMPS 2017 International convention will be held from April 20-22, 2017, at the Danbury Crown Plaza Hotel, 18 Ridgebury Road, Danbury, CT; home of the ever popular ARMORCON show hosted by the Northeast Military Modelers Association (NMMA). This year's theme is "Smile for the Birdie." To qualify for this year’s Best Theme Award, the entries can be any vehicle or group of figures (military of course) from any era after 1899, which can be matched to a specific photograph. This includes both historical and existing vehicles (e.g. "gate guards") however, the model has to match in the aspect shown in the photograph. The modeler must provide a copy of the photograph as documentation, though a 360 view of the subject is not necessary. Here's an update on several important items as the AMPS Show Committee prepare for the show: Hotel rooms - The hotel rooms at the Crowne Plaza, Danbury at the special AMPS rate of 99.00 a night are going fast, so you don't want to wait too long to book a reservation. Visit the AMPS homepage (amps-armor.org) to book your room on-line at this rate before they are all gone. When they are gone, their gone. Please note, once the block of rooms reserved for AMPS are booked, you can still reserve a room at the Crowne Plaza, but not at the AMPS special room rate. NOTE: To get the AMPS room rate, you must book your reservation through the link provided on the AMPS homepage. Vendors - we have a growing number of vendors planning to attend this show. As of this message, there are approximately 78 tables sold, which can only mean there will be plenty of kits, tools, figures and reference material for sale. Here are just some of the vendors committed to attending the show: Ammo of MIG, Firehouse Hobbies, Armand Bayardi, Monroe Purdue, S&J Hobbies (aka Gene Bagnoli), MicroWorld Games, Last Cavalry, Scenic Factory, Challenger N Scale, David Doyle, Tiger Productions, For the Historian, Nader Taheri, CRM Hobbies, Sentinel Miniatures, Wanamaker Models, Rick Carlile and Boomers Books. Seminars - AMPS own esteemed Neil Stokes is our seminar coordinator for this year's convention and is hard a work lining up speaker and presentations that are sure to please. As we get closer to show time, AMPS show committee with post a list of the presenters and their topics. Trophy Sponsorships - One way AMPS is able to provide awards for the many categories is through trophy and category sponsorships. Here's an opportunity for you or perhaps your AMPS chapter to sponsor one or more award categories. Visit the AMPS home page to see which categories are available. Brett Avants is this year's AMPS Sponsorship coordinator and all around great guy. Drop him a note on the AMPS homepage link or FB page and let him know if you would like to contribute to the show. AMPS and NMMA will be offering AMPS Chapter and model group tables and tentatively will be located in the model display area. This is a great opportunity to show off what your chapter's been up to and display that great work for all convention goers to see and enjoy. As the show committee continues behind the scenes working hard to get this show organized and ready to roll, consider reserving your room for this show sooner than later, commit to helping co-sponsor a trophy package or category sponsor, and finally, get cracking on those entries. Happy Holidays, Chuck Willis AMPS Public Information Officer
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