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  1. Ouch, poor little kit. I once got a Tamiya kit of the R32 that looked just like that. I sent them the body and a few weeks later I got a replacement. Not sure if Aoshima does that, but Kudos to you for a mighty resurrection. Chris
  2. I'm in love! Beautiful car. Nice clean build you have there. Not sure about the wheel color, could you elaborate on that? Looking forward to mine!! Chris
  3. Jay, Great work. I find the brakes and cooling fans very nice. I love those details. I'm not quite at that caliber yet myself. I will however say I am in process of building the brakes for my 599 GTB. My first go around with the full p.e. brake. Otherwise I've been using p.e. now for a few builds due to the realism. I look forward to your build as I too have the FXX but am waiting until I can improve a bit more. Any chance you could sneak a picture of your other FXX here? Chris
  4. I was going to say that it had to be a farce for sure. RoG's Ferrari kits are now rivaling Fujimi and Tamiya. I cannot wait to see their Ferrari 458 Italia. It is highly anticipated among modeling Tifosi. They've invested a lot with Ferrari licensing. If anything, and as the letter suggests, they seem to be doing quite well. Chris
  5. Pete, thanks. I'll probably forgo the SMS kit. I suspect at the prices they demand right now and in the future I could probably turn and or purchase fittings and what not for about the same price or less. I think that will be part of the fun anyway. I enjoy the trip and stops it takes to get to the destination. Will lean on you if I need some help. Thanks for that. Chris
  6. Peter, That's awesome! I've longed for the 1/12 934 kit and was finally given one from my wife and boys for Chrismas. As you have said, I too believe it to be a nice long build. It looks like fun and I can only hope it comes out as flawless as yours. Thanks for sharing. Chris
  7. Thanks for your comments guys. The car is a pearl color by Scalefinishes called Diamond White. I know that the photo's really make it look white, but if you were to see it in person you'd see the pearl. Mike, I've been going direct to Japan at HWJ.com and getting my wheels. They are cheaper to get from Japan and I like SAL shipping so getting a bunch ordered and shipped still keeps the price down. Shipping usually takes 12 days from the time they ship and arrive at my door. Nothing new has come out yet, but they usually put new ones out in summer. I always pre-order them or they sell out too fast. Chris
  8. Thought that since I registered, have the lay of the land so to speak, that I should show my latest completion. This is Aoshima's Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG. I chose the hardtop, but in rality if you don't glue it to the car you can also have it as a convertible. My assesment of the kit: Aoshima's foray into Mercedes land with this AMG SL63 is nothing short of phenomenal. It may seem like a simplified curbside but you'd be wrong. The most appreciated part of this kit is that it can be built either as a hardtop or convertible. Or as both, just remove the hardtop. Although the engine block is only a few pieces the engine shield covers up most of the intricacies. If you take the time to loo at the actual engine and detail it you'll be amazed at how well the engine bay looks. Aoshima makes such a plethora of wheels that exchanging the stock wheels with one of their aftermarket sets is a breeze. Although the suspension, which works with real springs, seems a bit wobbly once the wheels are on. The engineering done with the headlight to bumper attachment is truly appreciated and of ease to assemble. Proper care of gluing this together is of importance though as there isn't a lot of material to glue together. I rated this kit as a 5 star simply because once you finish this kit you'll have a beautiful example of a beautiful car. Ease of assembly and engineering of parts is very high. Hardly any mold lines or seams. I hope that Aoshima continues with the line of kits as they will only get better. Highly recommended! Here is my car painted in Scalefinshes.com Diamond White, a factory color for this car. Wheels are Aoshima Leon Hardiritt 20" Bugel wheels. Interios is Tamiya Dull red and Navy Agressor gray w/carbon fiber bits on doors and console. More can be found at my Fotki: My Fotki
  9. That's a fantastic car. I have always loved that design. I'm going to go broke! Pre-Orders of the Tamiya Mercedes, Aston and Fujimi 512 are already going to kill me! Thanks for the heads up Eric. Chris
  10. Mark, it was on the modelcars.com forum. Chris
  11. Thanks guys! I forgot to mention I build cars. Mainly foreign and exotic. To change the pace I also like to build some planes, all types and armor, mainly the Sherman. Chris
  12. Hello everyone. My name is Chris. I live in Minnesota. Although I'm not an IPMS member I do help out the local chapter at times. I host their photo's and take pictures. I was invited here by the webmaster via another board I frequent and thougt I would see how things went here. I hope to participate and offer any help when I can. Chris
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