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60 Bel Air


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This one was a project for a friend of mine. It's a gift for his father-in-law this Christmas. I was shown four pictures of a graffiti and toilet paper covered car post-wedding, and told it had gray interior. Through many hours of research and some help from the 60impala.com site, I was able to produce an approximation of the interior and convert it to the Bel Air trim from the Impala. I also re-worked the tail light section from the Impala to Bel Air. Now I hope he likes it...








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You could give this to me, and I would like it! My father had a 1961 Chevy station wagon for a company car. It had an anemic 6-cyl. motor with an automatic. It took forever to accelerate to pass another car on the highway. This car replaced a 1959 Ford station wagon with a big V-8 and a column shifter. That car hauled donkeys. I've never seen a 1961 Chevy wagon body shell even in resin, not that I want to remember the dog it was.


This is a great conversion. Thanks for supporting your friend.



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