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Coming soon to an outlet near you - Steve Ginter to release the North American B-45 Tornado book by Geoffrey Hays


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Steve Ginter’s Air Force Legends series introduces volume 224, North American B-45 Tornado by former USAF Museum senior staffer,  Geoffrey Hays.  Geoffrey is also the author of the popular Air Force Legends #215 Boeing B-50 Stratofortress.  (I have no associaton with the author other than being long time modeling friends.)

 A concise text, supported by insightful captions, covers operational and hardware details from its development as our first jet powered bomber to the atomic role to unit assignments and deployments. This 262 page volume features:

  • 262 Pages, 267 drawings, 355 photos, and 95,763 words in 12 Chapters.
  • 15 color aircraft images
  • Color drawings of 33-unit insignia of units known to have flown the Tornado
  • 4 pages covering scale models of the Tornado from 1956
  • List and details of all known accidents
  • List of tail numbers of RB-45Cs assigned to Yokota AB, Japan which flew tactical missions over North Korea and Manchuria as well as highly classified strategic reconnaissance missions deeper over the Peoples’ Republic of China and the eastern USSR during and after the Korean War.
  • List of tail numbers of aircraft assigned to units supporting NATO from the UK
  • List of tail numbers of RB-45Cs which flew Peripheral Aerial Reconnaissance Missions in Europe (missions flown from 35 to three nautical miles of denied airspace, sometimes into denied airspace) 
  • List of tail numbers of all armed Tornados in The Far East Air Forces and United States Air Forces Europe.
  • List of tail numbers of Tornado that penetrated denied airspace including the Soviet Union in 1952 and 1954
  • Details of B-45A, B-45C and RB-45C design, production, performance, payload, endurance, and operations.
  • A section on the configurations, colors and markings of all RB-45Cs which were based at Yokota AB, Japan during the Korean War and for a few years thereafter.


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Looks like a very good book....that I don't need any more since I built my 1/48 resin CollecAire RB-45C years ago.....but bet it'll help people with that newer 1/72 Vallom kit!



Gil :cool:

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