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GeoMetric Mini Hunchback


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A few years ago I picked up a few of the old mini kits from Geo-Metric. As usual they got lost in the stash until I just found them again.  I don't think I've done the Hunchback since the days when I was a little kid building the Aurora kit.

 The kit comes in 4 resin pieces and two metal parts. It all came packed in two bags along with a pic of the finished model.


In the pic, Quasi was holding on to the jester's "crown" the crowd gave him. My first problem was the the hand holding the crown was molded just like the other hand - with an open palm. I just received my new PE pliers and they were strong enough to bend the fingers enough without doing any damage. It's not a perfect grasp, but it'll do.


Taking a break from cleaning up the model, I took a look at the vignette. It comes with a disc that doesn't quite fit under the ledge with gargoyle, and then the arch was just left open behind the figure. I took some trusty foam, and cut out a wall, and also added a spacer to make it not feel like the wall was just blocked up. Didn't do to well on that, but at least there's a solid background now.


Turning back to Quasi, he got his base coat of tan and then my usual Beige Red for the skin color.  Looking it up Charles Laughton had blue eyes, and so I did those. But the figure is really too small to make out an eye color once the pupil was put in.


The image had him wearing a light green tunic with dark green tights, his shirt was some sort of beige,  and brown shoes. Laughton also was said to have sandy brown hair so I tried to mimic that.  With that done I gave his shirt a wash with some Citadel Green shade. Looking at the pic of the crown the colors looks to be red and blue. Finding other pics online - altho B&W, the actually crown part seemed to be a shiny metal. So I broke out V's Duraluminum, and washed it with Nuln Oil to darkened the details.


One shade darkening to the recesses of the skin and then 3 highlights later, I was done. I had previously drilled holes in the gargoyle for the pins I had in his feet and I was done. It was then I saw that he was looking no where with his good eye. So I got some V's Ivory, Azure, and Black and gave him a new place to look - at the viewer.




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