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Yay Monsters ATDP


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This is a 1:48 scale All Terrain defense Pod from Yay Monsters. Super easy to build and paint. Thanks for looking.

Almost done.

The painting session was also a no brainer. I did look at the Yay site to see what they did, if anything about the painting. I just didn't want it to be this tall skinny white or gray thing. Looking they had little rectangles painted on it as a sort of camo - good enuff!

After the white paint base coat, I cut out a smallish rectangle in a small piece of cardboard and started spraying. I ended up using 3 colors of gray. Their rectangles were smaller, but that's OK, I'm happy with mine.

After that I saw a video by this guy (I forget his name now) on You Tube where he used a straight piece of cardboard to imitate panel lines. So I added some of that too.

Finally taking after the weathering lessons from the You Tube channel Night Shift, I went about added dirt and scratches etc...

When this was all done, it looked - too much. I always thought that the Empire would have taken better care of their vehicles, so  especially up top, I mist coated some more white over everything.

The vehicle is finished. A small base will be added asap. Thanks for looking.



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