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Invaders from Mars Monster

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This kit represents the monster in the 1986 remake of Invaders from Mars.
The monster is a short squatty man in suit costume that reminds me of the Pig Lizard from Galaxy Quest.
This monster is another where the stage lighting was so dramatic, that you don't really know what color the monster was, that is, until I found this image -
In the end I toned down all the red...

The kit comes in 15 parts, plus a number of extra finger claws.

The parts fit together pretty nicely. One thing of note was that the main body is hollow cast, and in some spots the wall of the model was so thin, that it was easy to put a took thru it. I actually poked a hole  in one spot where the leg belongs. What I should have done was give it a shot of spray foam into that hole, but didn't think of it.  In the end I used 5 minute epoxy to get the arms, legs, little claw "hand" and the death ray eye - or whatever it's called.

To get the claws on, the tips of the fingers needed a little sanding.

 The first claw is on. Thankfully there's only 5 more... 🙂

Sitting in the tub while the epoxy cures.

While I was waiting for all that to dry I put a little paint onto the base.

After the epoxy was set it only needed a little Aves where the parts didn't match up. The Aves is the dark gray parts.

Once the Aves cured it got a two tone coat of primer.

To finish up I had to look again at what the death ray appendage looked like when it wasn't firing.  The stage lighting was a pain, and so it just looked like the rest of the body. But I felt the need to make it a little different. So I painted in a graduated brightening, maybe to simulate it about to fire. Anyway here it is all finished.
Thanks for looking.



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4 hours ago, sprueguy said:

Looks a lot like a girl I dated a long time ago. Great job on your work.

Hehe Thanks. 😄

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