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Boba Fett and the Tatooine War Bird


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This model is another model from deep in the stash. I remember buying the model from the Buy and Sell section of a forum. The sculptor was Chris Lynch, and looking at Boba's size, I'm guessing it's around 1/10th scale. I have no further info on it. Even doing a web search, that title gets exactly 1 hit from a guy on a Star Wars Models website who had it listed on his "wants" page.  It's not from one of the movies, but maybe a comic or some book?

The kit came in about 10 parts. Boba's body and the bird; Boba's head, his two arms and rifle, the two sand people heads, a gun in a holster, some bag that had no apparent place to go, and the two parts of the birds restraint. It also came with a length of cord, and a length of "pleather". The resin was mostly in good shape, but it did need a little work.   I didn't think to take a pic before starting, but here we are with most of the parts attached - 


The bird was tackled first. With it supposedly from Tatooine, I figured it was to blend into a sandy, rocky background. So the bird was made up of browns and other neutral colors.  I figured the model needed a splash of color, so blue was added to the bird's crest and around his eyes. This color choice will come in handy later.

The ground work is just a dark sand and and an orange ocher



Next turning my attention to Boba, I started filling in the colors that I remembered.  There was a few times where I had to look up exactly what color went where.  At this point I also painted in the Sand People heads with Iraqi Sand and White Aluminum for the metal parts. Around their mouth was a brown leather color and the bottom of the mouth looked really dark. I ended up painting it a German Gray. The blaster was painted with VMC Gunmetal, and then highlighted lightly in silver. The silver was also used to create the scratches around his armor.
It was here I thought the bird needed a little more color, so I took the Cavalry Red I used for his gauntlets, and highlighted the birds feathers.




 This is where I left it for the day. 
A few days later I was back and it was time to finish up Boba. The first thing to do was paint the backpack. Here's where a little indecision came in. He seems to have changed his uniform between ESB and ROTJ. In ESB his back pack was mostly green (also green gauntlets), but in ROTJ the backpack was more colorful including an ocher color, a red, and even blue!  So to harmonize the model; the red is the same color as the gauntlets, and I reduced the saturation of the blue by adding black, and then I lightened it by adding the gray from his jumpsuit.   While this was drying, I glued in the restraints to the birds collar. When the CA on that dried, I wrapped the pleather around the collar, and then according to the line diagram that came with the kit, around the saddle horn and back to the other part of the collar.  I dipped the cord in Citadel's Agrax Earthshade, glued it in loops and then just hung it around the Sand People heads. 




This was another model I could fiddle with forever, so instead I called this one done.  Thanks for looking. 

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Bob, Bob, Bob,  Bob ,Boba Fett! (Sung to the tune of the Beach Boy's "Barbara Ann")

Sorry, it just seemed to fit.

One of your best I think.  Looks gereat.


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