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1/700 WW II HMS Illustrious

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This is a very old kit and needs a lot of clean up to get it to fit. i opened up the stern area to the hangar deck, used PE detail sets for the mast, various radars, the antennae and railings. Also provided were the details for the Swordfish. I added torpedoes to the Swordfish. I substituted some Fulmars I had for the kit's Wildcats. Represented the forward deck windbreaks with decals painted in a slightly darker shade to make them visible, but not stand out too much. Drilled out all portholes. Hollowed out the smoke stack and added a grill on the top. Redid the piping on it as well as the ladders. Substituted life rafts from Shapeways for the kit's molded on ones. Mine had no decals (it was purchased second hand), so I cobbled together some markings from generic stuff I had lying around. 


















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