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Bob Burns as Kogar


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I was in the need to do something a little quicker than the standard resin kits. So I pulled out Moebius' styrene kit of Kogar.
The kit comes in a tan styrene, and gives you an option for 3 heads. One is to use the gorilla head for Kogar himself. The second is a likeness of Bob Burns, who is an avid Hollywood memorabilia collector and the man in the gorilla suit. The third is another gorilla head (named Tracy) , but it is made to have a propeller beanie on as seen in the live action TV series of Ghostbusters.


I found a pic online that shows him without the mask and he has the black around the eyes and a hood. So I added the black eyes, but didn't want him to have the hood on - I thought it made the whole thing too dark- but it would solve the nasty seam across the head.




I drilled out the eyes to make the head more of a mask.

I made a hood out of Aves, and just draped it around his neck, and painted it black. I added a little dark brown to the fur to give some color, and then sprayed with a matte coat, I painted around the eyes, mouth, hands, feet and chest a satin to match what I saw in the image. I was calling this done.








WIP pics can be seen on my page. Thanks for looking.

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