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The P-47 and P-40 are done


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Kyle is delivering them tomorrow. He'll take back my 1:72 F-106A and 1:72 T-33. The F-106 is a Hasegawa, the one with the markings for the 101st FIS, the T-33 ... I forget what it is, but I bought a decal sheet for the T-33 squadron hack from the 101st FIS. Two of my best friends flew 106s and 15s in the 101st FIS.


A couple of years ago, 2013, I had my Monogram 1:48 106 broken down, rebuilt, repainted and re-decaled in the markings of "Alpha Kilo one-four" (my friend's personal mount - he was the squadron's operations officer) complete with his name under the canopy and gave it to him. He loves it!


Here are the P-47 and P-40:


36384736801_3de13a609a_z.jpgp40p47fini by Tim Connelly, on Flickr



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