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Fokker Dr 1


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I had done a review kit of the D.1 as Voss's A/C. It was posted in the A/C kit review section and it is the 1/32 Roden kit.

I think I nailed the colors right. You guys be the judge.

See, I can build something other than figures and race cars.

Jack Kennedy


Nice F.1 Jack. I also have a review of the 1/72 Roden kit on the list. I like the light color of your better. Good job. After hearing the comments above and looking at photos again, I probably made mine darker then it should have been. Now, about the cowl color. :smiley17: I used the same color as used for the streaking. Seems more logical for the assembly plant. Ain't modeling fun!!!

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Dan, glad to help. That was good first class service from the U.S. Postal Service.


Jack, those newsletter Specials were worth saving. Because I can no longer recall everything I have saved, thanks for the hint to go looking for it. I did not include the cover or your interior letter, but everything else was sent to Dan.



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