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Caveman T-Rex

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Everyone loved that Ringo Starr piece of cinema, :smiley2: so I was happy to pick up this kit.




It came in 6 pieces including the base. It only had one big bubble in the resin which was easy to fill with some Aves. I also practiced a little "sculpting" by putting the scale pattern back into the repaired area.




Looking up the logo for the base, it's the typical rainbow appearance so I shot that with my Iwata -




Online images of the monster showed it was all gray or a green gray. So I chose to do both. I basecoated in a light green gray. Vallejo actually has 2 colors both named green gray, I used the lighter one. The highlighted in a light gray.





Thanks for looking.

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Thanks Dave. Yep, you need to be in the mood for dopey humor for this movie. ;)

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