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GoT The Hound


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From the HBO series Game of Thrones, this is another kit from Gillman Productions. He came in two parts - the bust and the base. Once again, it's a very clean kit with one tiny bubble, and seam lines that are extremely thin.

I was wondering if I made the the burn mark was too red. Looking over all the pics of this character; over the seasons his burn mark seemed to go from red and fresh, to pale and dry and back again. So however you want it to look, you're good to go.
Thanks for looking.







WIP pics can be seen at my dopey blog - http://kevtk.blogspot.com/2016/10/sandor-clegane.html

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Supposedly he got the burn in a fight with his brother. I didn't watch the show from the very beginning so I missed that too.


But I did recently hear from someone who knows the actor, Rory McCann, personally. I was told that the burn morphed over the seasons because Rory was apparently spending too much time in the make up chair. They lessened the burn to get him in and out of make up quicker. ;)

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