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1/32 Mack Snap Tite from my son Joseph

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I had bought this kit for my 10 year old son a couple of months back. While not really trying to cram this hobby down his throat , I have been persistent in trying to gather his interest for the hobby. First I started off with planes cuz' that's what I build and he did ok with that for a build or two and strayed. Then I tried a ship and that really wasn't his cup of tea, a Star Wars build or two and it was so-so to him. I finally bought him this kit which he started and then quit. Then we went to the Houston IPMS show a couple of weeks ago and he just took off!!! He bought (I mean I bought ...lol) him a Snap-Tite 63 Corvette and after we got back to my brother in laws house , he "wooly buggered" that thing together in no time flat and did a good job!!! I'll get some pics up of that one too here in a bit.

Then after a 4 hour trip back down to Corpus , the first place he hit was the Mack truck. It literally flew together!! I helped him out a little with some acrylic Tamiya Smoke over the kit chrome wheels to deepen the effect and keep 'em from looking like toy wheels and drilling out his exhaust pipe but that was it. The rest was all him!




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