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ONE day Mustang build!

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Built this one this afternoon in a little over an hour...



Have I gone nuts? No...well, at least not completely! :smiley2:


Our club just installed a new display case at the local library where we meet. We have display models in it already, but needed a PLAIN model (with box and instructions) to emphasize THIS is what we do! Can't assume that the general public will make the connection that the models on display start as simple plastic kits!


This will be placed in the case, along with a fully finished 1/48 P-51D beside it. There will be a sign saying something to the affect of "if you wish to see how to get from this to this, you should check out IPMS First Coast!"


It was a lot of fun just cutting off parts and gluing them together without worrying about what color something was supposed to be, or what extra details to add, or what seams needed filling and sanding!


By the way....to give a quick review of this old kit.....

The Revell 1/48 P-51D dates from the mid-70s, and essentially was released to compete with the Monogram 1/48 Mustang. It's not quite as good.....The interior detail is slightly softer and sparser (but close). The tires are too fat, but more importantly the nose/chin area is decidedly anemic, looking more like the streamlined "H" than a "D" in profile. The seam on the rear of the wings goes across the bottom of the flaps instead of the trailing edge, making for a nasty seam that MUST be filled. It comes with the markings for the camouflaged "Man o'War" (which is why I bought it). In short, it makes for a nice nostalgia build, but has been long surpassed by more recent 1/48 P-51D kits. Cheers!


GIL :smiley16:

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Boy, I remember building models just like this. No paint and then too much paint in some areas. Then the fingerprint in it because you had to play with it before it was completely dry.


Great idea for your display. Good luck with it.



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