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  1. you could always cake the tracks in mud...
  2. Not a fan of the JJ Abrams Enterprise...but I will buy the kit. It could lead to some interesting conversions and kit bashes. The saucer is nice...the engines...Im kinda hit or miss on, but that secondary hull is flat out god awful. the AMT reissues will be nice to reacquire...have a chance to correct the mistakes I committed on the kits the first time around.
  3. I really want one of those Mosquitoes...but Im gonna have to sell a Kidney.
  4. Is there a site to go to to look up kit instructions? I thought I saw one before but cant remember it now... Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Ive already sealed up the cockpit... Ill have to make the most of it. My original Idea still seems like it would turn out ok. Id just need to concentrate on camouflaging the flaws and highlighting the strengths. The size of the airplane alone in this scale is somewhat impressive...still a small airplane though. Ill figure something out...now all I need is a world war one pilot to stand next to it. Thanks.
  6. I had been given a Hobby Craft 1/32 Sopwith Camel F.1. Thing is it came without a cockpit and instructions. So...Im thinking of making a vignette sort of, by covering the Cockpit and maybe the guns with tarpaulins...I need to figure out how the guns are installed. Kit is a bit of a bear to put together, but what I want to know is would it be considered "cheating" by covering up the cockpit like that. Just fishing for advise. Thank you.
  7. A way that works for me... Use an appropriately dense sponge. Make sure your paint is somewhat ink like..*it flows better* and replicate the camo pattern. This technique works for me... You mileage may vary.
  8. I like the Star Trek kits, they were fun to build. I built a few smoothies as a kid but as i aged and became infected with AMS, my finished kit tally began to decline. I wanted the darn things perfect. Oh well... I do like the new Polar Lights offerings in 1/1000 scale. The idea of one constant scale is very appealing. You can build a fleet and have a constant scale reference. And the kitbashing opportunities are there as well. I hope Round 2 continues with the 1/350th line...The ships are huge, the wow factor is there...but they eat shelf...er...real estate quickly. Id like to
  9. What I model: Military vehicles mostly, anything armed. Particularly Russian and American equipment. I build tanks because I find them easiest to paint. The finishes are non glossy, and mistakes can be hidden with mud or other creative ideas. I will build aircraft, but I dont do as well with them as I do on ground vehicles. Fav tank: M1 Abrams Fav Aircraft: A-10 thunderbolt 2 I also love Sci Fi. Spacecraft, Battlemechs and Superheros. Fav current model: 1/350 USS Enterprise *refit* Huge model...the wow factor alone is impressive. Now if I could only finish t
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