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  1. Tough call but the right call. Thanks for all of your hard work, looking forward to San Marcos 2023! joe
  2. These circular discussions are entertaining, but I’m waiting to see how it will be run, which depends, I’m sure, on local rules, CDC guidance, and best practices in play at the time. I’ll likely make my decision about two weeks out based on knowns at that time. I feel for the organizers, have paid my registration including the banquet, and bought a trophy package. I don’t want a refund if it cancels, just hoping it helps in some small way. If it doesn’t cancel, it’s just a choice we all have to make based on what we think the level of risk is for ourselves and others. I have my own ideas, and each person should evaluate their own risk tolerance. My profession is all about risk management, so I look at this the same way. joe
  3. Just in the interest of factual information, Vegas has not shut down again. Arizona’s situation is a bit different, and authorities here are watching it carefully, but the large Vegas casinos that opened are still open, though some additional restrictions are being added. joe
  4. Anything new with the show? The last update is two months old...just curious. And yes, looking forward to the model forms being available online soon. Thx, Joe
  5. Mid-September...ahhhhh, no. Maybe mid October? :) Looking forward to the details. Joe
  6. Ditto here...$124 per night...or about $60 off the regular rate. Joe
  7. Right now they are saying its sold out...I find that hard to believe unless a lot of people were just waiting by their phones to call today. 220 rooms is way too few though, so I'm sure it will sell out. I was surprised it would be held where so few rooms were available...could be quite a downer for the show depending on where the overflows are. Joe
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