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  1. Hi Mike, nice work! What paint did you use on the flames and what psi for the airbrush?
  2. This is my completed 57 chevy I did for Revell Contest. I painted it with Decanted Testors Lime Ice and then misted in the front with Alclad Prismatic Jade to Gold and in the back Alclad Prismatic Blue to UV. Then 3 coats of Dupli Color Gloss clear out of the pint can.
  3. So I am wanting to make some of my own decals. My question is how do you size the pic to be the right scale at we'll say 1/48. Is there a formula or something? Bob.......
  4. Hi Matt, Looks Awesome! What color is that and who is the paint made by? Bob........
  5. Thanks for all the info guys. You guys are awesome .
  6. Thanks guys! I was wondering if I could actually spray future over it and then respray the alclad?
  7. I just got finished shooting a Spitfire with Alclad2 Aluminium over Tamiya TS14 black. At a distance of 1 to 2" and 15psi. For the most part i have a smooth finish, but some spots have a grainy like finish. How can i smooth out those areas?
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