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  1. There are some excellent proposals in this thread; I'll just throw in my 2 cents worth. It would be ideal to identify the winners earlier in the show, much as happens now in Telford. I do think there would be some propensity for those who didn't win to pack up their models. They might not leave, but there would probably be gaps on the tables. If that doesn't become a trend, it probably wouldn't matter. I personally enjoy the awards presentation. As an aircraft modeler I concentrate on those categories, but I also would like to know what won in other areas. During the usual hustle at the s
  2. Interesting. In my opinion, the referendum implies an immediate change to our system. As such it will of course be rejected. Let me explain. I have been a judge at IPMS National Conventions for 20 years. I’ve also been the head judge at the Three Rivers IPMS contest for about that same length of time. Our show uses open judging. There is a common thread to the discussions on this and other forums regarding the GSB system. The topic is nothing less than radioactive. This is not intended to be an ad hominem attack on any individual or group of individuals, but again through
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