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  1. maybe I missed it but if I dont want to register, and bring in my family myself and 4 others how much is it per person for the contest and vendor room per day? thanks
  2. Hi, here is the IPMS WARREN website with directions etc. try to make it if you can http://www.ipmswarren.org/
  3. id say theres nothing wrong with the super grungy look. there is a thing called space dust, dirt. look at some nasa pics. also some ships(like the one) are both space fareing and planet "drop" capable, so there would be alot of dirt and grime from ships that dont get washed/cleaned by starfleet crews/spacedocks and enter and exit a planets atmosphere.
  4. The forums at www.starshipmodeler.com will give you all you can handle about available and forth coming BSG kits check it out.
  5. plain old cheap rubber cement works like a charm will not harm anything
  6. found a cheaper one go here its $85 http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/index.cfm?f...;Product_ID=594
  7. If that is one of your "grail" kits id suggest you get one somehow, sci fi disappears as suddenly as they appear. I saw one built up at this years wonderfest and its pretty cool
  8. while at wonderfest in KY this weekend Kitkong had some. they were $200 or 225 not sure and while they are not on their website you can contact them about it http://www.modelmansion.com/models/new.php also heres some pics of the kit i just found on a thread at Starship modeler http://www.starshipmodeler.net/talk/viewtopic.php?t=73277
  9. thanks for posting, ill look for it
  10. id probably say the 1000 scale PL kitbashes from trek sooo much you can do with em
  11. its a toss up for me either the sarah connor chronicles or the new BSG
  12. great job ill have to steal...er borrow that paint job!
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