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  1. IF conditions are changed by Clark County the day before the convention starts to a more restrictive status, I would hope that there would be a grace period before firm implementation of the rules that would at least get us through the convention. I am fearful about the IPMS being thrown a curve ball just as the convention starts...
  2. Nick I really hope that this fear does not come to fruition. Like you I am vaccinated and will bring masks but am fearful that the powers that be will throw us a curve ball at the last minute. Looking forward to seeing (most) of your smiling face at the 'Nats! Best, Pat Donahue
  3. To be honest 'Vegas probably has as many restaurants as New Orleans so I do not think anyone will be suffering hunger pains. The lack of wait staff is a nation wide problem causing many restaurants to reduce seating and or hours.
  4. Len, thank you and the team for all your hard work. I know this had to be difficult, we appreciate the team's efforts Pat D
  5. Why not give the organizers the benefit of the doubt? They have been living with this nightmare since the beginning of the year. They realize the financial problems /health problems, etc. that this thing poses. Lots of moving parts here, contracts, etc. I am sure they are trying to come to a decision that will hurt the society the least. The organizers may be better off not saying anything right now until the organizers and hotel do their due diligence coping with this mess, I am sure there are legal matters involved. . What difference does it make if the Nationals are cancelled tomorrow or a month from now? I rather doubt that anyone here has his/her stuff packed up and in the car waiting to head to San Marcos. Is it going to affect your building schedule? If it is held, then you are still building to a completion date that you planned for. If your model is finished and you can't go there will be another Nationals, just keep the dust and cats away from your model. There are some here ( and on other sites) who have been advocating a cancellation since February, with some not so subtle "virtue signaling" thrown in. Others are anxious to get the show on the road. Fine, to each his/her own. Eventually we will know but we do not know right now, but other than posting and talking whether it is a go / no-go it is not going to affect your life to any great degree.
  6. Just a short precaution, if you are going to the 'Nats be careful about using hand sanitizer and handling your models. Many of the alcohol / chemical based hand sanitizers do not react well with the finish coats we use on our models. Some of this stuff tends to linger on your skin....
  7. Nick, perhaps you can answer a medical question about this virus. In the absence of a workable vaccine which does not appear near it seems the only way for a population to deal with this thing is by physical distancing or the hope(?) that a "herd immunity" will develop which certainly will take time and a human cost. I know this a tad off topic but I am curious, Is this assessment correct? Hoping to be able to see you in San Marcos... Stay safe, Pat D
  8. Like Nick, I have my room and am planning to be there. See you at registration, Nick! Pat D
  9. Monogram Snark on a Monogram Regulus trailer. Pat D
  10. Sounds to me likr this is a chance for Xtracolor abd Colorcoats to increase thier market in the States in the enamel area. With Testors backing out from most colors it just leaves Humbrol selling enamels with out too much competition.
  11. M.J. was a terriffic lady. always willing to go the extra mile to help. After hurricane Katrina when mail and just about everything else was undeliverable in the affected areas, she automatically extended everyone's membership in the affected areas so no one's membership would expire, because dues were not able to be mailed in. Blue skies M.J.......
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