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  1. I helped do the splits in A/C. The BKB turnout was pretty nice in 1/72 (it was split) and well subscribed in the other larger scale categories. Only a few got moved for no instructions, I heard no complaints directed toward the category itself but just the usual debate among modelers about the BKB/OOB concept. There are numbers as we had to write down the entry numbers on the judging tracking sheets and the category sheets used by the judges. I can't speak outside of aircraft, but it appears to me for a new category it was well received. If the NCC wants to keep this type of BKB category I think they have a pretty good start with the rules as they are now IMO as far as A/C go.
  2. Nicely done! With that gun pod and the weapon loads it screams Marine. Love the crisp color demarcation on the intake lips, weathering and panel wash. My compliments. Pat D
  3. Brian, if you see this please contact me via a P/M Thanks! Pat Donahue IPMS 5261
  4. For Highlamder: Alas poor OOB! I knew him well, David. A category of infinite problems, of most excellent confusion It hath borne me on the contest table a thousand times; and now, How grand in my imagination it is. Apologies to Sir William Pat D
  5. With all due respect I think if more IPMS members READ the rules carefully and the preamble to the rules defining BKB much of this self-inflicted confusion and frustration would go away. The rules are written in the King's English and are pretty cut and dried, trying to parse the meaning and find loopholes that are not there is a waste of time. If anything, the new BKB rules are much clearer than the OOB rules ever were. Basically, if it ain't there or on the instruction sheet you can't add it. Provisions were made for certain cases like some armor or motorcycle models where non-plastic media is used to support the structure or are needed to assemble it (screws & bolts, metal chassis). No offence intended to anyone, but this is not that hard to build and compete within these rules if one desires to do so. Pat D
  6. For 30 years this has been an ongoing debate and I seriously doubt that any change could come anywhere near to being agreed upon by the membership. How many would actually vote? How long would we debate it? Seems the 30-year debate on OOB showed that. Could we even come to a consensus? I rather doubt it. It would be our version of the 100 years' war. I think going to the membership on this would be like herding cats. Pat D
  7. Rocky , I think you are O.K. with BMF from the BKB basic guidelines: A. Finish. All painting/finishing techniques are allowed. Insignia, markings, and instrument panels may be hand-painted instead of using decals. Weathering is permitted. I think using BMF can be considered a finishing technique.
  8. True, it would be a long drive home after finding out you built a model for a non-existent category Yikes!
  9. I understand what you are saying Ed, all I am pointing out is that the rules say: "kit" which I agree is an unassembled item. Kits with various other materials included (e.g. cast-resin or 3D-resin detailing accessories, etched-metal detailing frets, turned-metal detailing parts, and other similar detailing parts) will not be permitted. My hope is that all this is clarified before too long, I shelved an OOB (BKB) kit because the kit had P/E which in effect eliminated one of my entries, with the way I read the rules, the 'Nats will soon be here in 5 months and some of us build more slowly. Also, as one who works with the split teams in A/C the more clarification the better when we have to decide if an entry is eligible under the BKB rules. I fear some will show up at the contest still thinking OOB rules are still valid, true, ignorance of the rules is no excuse, but I do hope contestants do look at the new rules before starting a build, as to not show up for a disappointment. Best, Pat
  10. You may have a point here, David. I am just quoting the rules and in the beginning of the rule change where the reasons for BKB are laid out we have this: ● Second, to compete at a more basic level, knowing that basic modeling skills are the only difference-maker - not what variety of detailing materials is supplied by the kit manufacturer, nor by after-market detailing sets, nor by using more advanced re-building or scratch-building skills. IF the NCC defines 'KIT" as the unbuilt model in the box OR if it means the completed "KIT" on the table then we have an answer with regard to not using extra goodies in the box. If I may be precise, the definition of a kit from Merriam-Webster a set of parts to be assembled or worked So when the rules say a kit I take it to be the unassembled contents of a kit box not the completed item on the contest table Kits with various other materials included (e.g. cast-resin or 3D-resin detailing accessories, etched-metal detailing frets, turned-metal detailing parts, and other similar detailing parts) will not be permitted. Perhaps someone from the NCC can elaborate on this matter? On a more personal level when we do the splits: if the instructions show P/E then will the vetting/judging teams will have to ascertain if only the plastic parts were used, or will there be a disclaimer on the entry sheet? Interestingly some highly detailed kits are available for BKB on the aircraft end, the Tamiya P-38 and F-14 come to mind, no etch or resin included. Weekend kits in most case would also qualify, and they have decal seat belts to boot. Pat
  11. No that is allowed: From the rules. As a general guideline, kit parts that are necessary to complete and support the overall structure of the completed model are allowed. However, other kit parts that provide enhanced surface-detailing to a completed model will not be allowed for a BKB entry. A. Examples of other material parts that will be allowed are: kit-supplied vacuum-formed windscreens/canopies/windows for Aircraft and Automotive models; kit-supplied rubber/vinyl tires and poly-caps to retain wheels and/or parts attached to pylons; metal gearboxes and/or metal-rod axles for Armor and Automotive models.
  12. That is the way I see the rule written, Michael. If I use a new Tamiya Spitfire or Eduard Zero which includes P/E it is not eligible, but if I use a bare bones Eduard weekend kit with just plastic and decals I am in good shape for BKB. Pat
  13. Ed, I do not understand this. The rules say if P/E etc. is INCLUDED the kit is ineligible for BKB. From the new BKB rules... Kits with various other materials included (e.g. cast-resin or 3D-resin detailing accessories, etched-metal detailing frets, turned-metal detailing parts, and other similar detailing parts) will not be permitted. I take the word "KIT" & "INCLUDED"" to mean what is in the box not what is in the completed model What am I missing here? Thanks, Pat
  14. Agreed! If any glacial rate builders (like me!) want to get into this new category an early read would be helpful, before proceeding. I had a potential OOB model almost ready to paint but after reading the rules I had to shelve it as it is not eligible for BKB. It was an Arma FM-2 however it can still go into the general category, but I was specifically building it under OOB rules until I read the new rules which disqualified it for the new BKB category.
  15. NO. I think such a kit will be disqualified. From the rules: . Kits with various other materials included (e.g. cast-resin or 3D-resin detailing accessories, etched-metal detailing frets, turned-metal detailing parts, and other similar detailing parts) will not be permitted. Note the word 'Included" so the kit is not eligible, even if you do not use those parts. IF you want to add a seat belt that in not included in the kit as a decal, it is not allowed. No paper or tape belts allowed any longer. Anything added like rigging or antenna MUST be shown in the instructions A. " ... and add rigging and antennas, if shown on the kit’s instructions. " ● Aircraft models aren’t required to have antennas, rigging wires, seatbelts, nor can they be added unless they’re included or noted in kit instructions. Persons wishing to enter BKB should take a good read if the new rules before proceeding down this path. For example, the new Tamiya Spitfire is not eligible (P/E included) but certain Eduard Weekend kits are as they have no P/E added or other non plastic materials. Some even include decal seat belts. BKB rules are much more restrictive than the OOB rules were. Pat D
  16. Len, thank you and the team for all your hard work. I know this had to be difficult, we appreciate the team's efforts Pat D
  17. Why not give the organizers the benefit of the doubt? They have been living with this nightmare since the beginning of the year. They realize the financial problems /health problems, etc. that this thing poses. Lots of moving parts here, contracts, etc. I am sure they are trying to come to a decision that will hurt the society the least. The organizers may be better off not saying anything right now until the organizers and hotel do their due diligence coping with this mess, I am sure there are legal matters involved. . What difference does it make if the Nationals are cancelled tomorrow or a month from now? I rather doubt that anyone here has his/her stuff packed up and in the car waiting to head to San Marcos. Is it going to affect your building schedule? If it is held, then you are still building to a completion date that you planned for. If your model is finished and you can't go there will be another Nationals, just keep the dust and cats away from your model. There are some here ( and on other sites) who have been advocating a cancellation since February, with some not so subtle "virtue signaling" thrown in. Others are anxious to get the show on the road. Fine, to each his/her own. Eventually we will know but we do not know right now, but other than posting and talking whether it is a go / no-go it is not going to affect your life to any great degree.
  18. Just a short precaution, if you are going to the 'Nats be careful about using hand sanitizer and handling your models. Many of the alcohol / chemical based hand sanitizers do not react well with the finish coats we use on our models. Some of this stuff tends to linger on your skin....
  19. Nick, perhaps you can answer a medical question about this virus. In the absence of a workable vaccine which does not appear near it seems the only way for a population to deal with this thing is by physical distancing or the hope(?) that a "herd immunity" will develop which certainly will take time and a human cost. I know this a tad off topic but I am curious, Is this assessment correct? Hoping to be able to see you in San Marcos... Stay safe, Pat D
  20. Like Nick, I have my room and am planning to be there. See you at registration, Nick! Pat D
  21. Monogram Snark on a Monogram Regulus trailer. Pat D
  22. Sounds to me likr this is a chance for Xtracolor abd Colorcoats to increase thier market in the States in the enamel area. With Testors backing out from most colors it just leaves Humbrol selling enamels with out too much competition.
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