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  1. Welcome to the festivities.
  2. Welcome to the festivities. I just joined a couple of months ago.
  3. Well, I've seemingly lost what's left of my mind. I'm starting on the journey to build the Meng King Tiger (Henschel) with the added interior, and workable tracks. Tonight, I'll start scraping the road wheels, and getting parts cleaned up. Wish me well.
  4. Cool. I built all of the Aurora monster models when I was in jr. high school. I think my mom still has my "Hunchback of Notre Dame" somewhere.
  5. Welcome to the festivities.
  6. Howdy, I've been building plastic models, off and on, since I was 9 (1967). As a kid I build everything from cars to Revell's famous "Spanish Galleon" model. I revived my model building interest in the mid 1980s, and built a lot until about 1994 (marriage and a young son will do that). I spent a couple of years working at Tomcat Hobbies (1987 to 1989) in Riverside, CA. Some of you may remember that store's owner Tom Brown (RIP). I'm jumping back into building. First on the agenda is a DML Early Tiger in Das Reich livery. I remember learning all my techniques from the works of Shep Paine, and the Kalmbach books.
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